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  1. :diablo: well happy new year to everyone and if sulla is correct and apple decided doomsday then screw apple they stink anyway. but on a ;D note its a new year new beer to drink new foods to try and new friends to make so c yall on warspear and to mcs sorry but u gotta die sooner or later lol j/k have great time everyone and have fun playing can't wait till this new update to see how much more powerful we all become gl to all and to all happy new year 8)
  2. i read this whole post where did an admin say tht the update will not be today maybe tonight or later in the day its noo 8) n here
  3. BugspearOnline Newbie Posts: 7 Karma: +0/-3 Ass Hunter Re: [2011.12.12] Announcement of update “Warspear Online: Legacy Of Berengar” 2.5 « Reply #110 on: 13 December 2011, 03:46:25 » Quote I have a tip for all of you. Instead of wasting money for this coinspear, buy a phone with android and play a real FREE TO PLAY game with cool 3d graphics like Pocket Legends or P2P game Order&chaos(wow mobile). About that aigrind.. No response at forum, waiting 2 weeks for acc recovery and no new maps since 6,7months. Do they really deser
  4. Posts: 110 Karma: +0/-0 Re: rouges must be chickens« Reply #22 on: 24 November 2011, 12:22:05 »Quotelol this guy wants tht there should be no balance and rougues should be weak. . shiftin as u say rogues will be noob without their skill so whts the issue if there is a balance?Quote from: shiftin on 18 November 2011, 18:38:29 if a rouge had no stealth they would get whoooped every time that is the only thing tht saves u from death cause u hide and heal then stun and then hide and heal some more then atk then stun hide and heal its the same thing with all rouges so lets leave it at th
  5. :yahoo: if a rouge had no stealth they would get whoooped every time that is the only thing tht saves u from death cause u hide and heal then stun and then hide and heal some more then atk then stun hide and heal its the same thing with all rouges so lets leave it at tht and just say rouges yes everquest and wow all ahve stealth and stun abilities but thts not always tht rouge u ahve to worrie about its the rouge with poison but warspear has this stuff not yet at least but the simple fact is if ur gunna fight fight atk stun heal atk stun heal dont u think thts a lil pathetic of u to not j
  6. yes they r rouges r the mc version of elves bd just because ur skills dif doesn't mean tht were not the same we may have more def and health but guess what not all of us bds go with def and health some go straight attk and speed some good for tanking so y dont u actually look at it and the only dif is rouges r chikens cant fight straight up
  7. i am a bd and if rouges wernt chikens then y stealth ur a bd wearing leather is the only diffrence i can beat a rouge down easy even with my druid and the trick is to rouges there stealth goes half if they just standing there doing nothing they have to keep moving inorder to stayed full stealthed they may only b one rouge top of leader boards but that makes no diffrence if there on top or not that was not my point if ur not a chiken then fightlike a real bd u can pik fun at me all u want i was just making a clear point about the rouges stealth skill they stealth till they gouge u then they
  8. :tease: rouges use the stealth skill one after another and make it impossible to find them they gouge then disappear then gouge then disappear all the while ones hitting u and not showing up at all i think it's kinda odd that this happenes cause it makes itimpossible to beat rouges they basically gouge stealth hit gouge stealth so no way to actually beat them shamans have the skill tht would make them appear how come first borns dont hav a skill to make them come outa hiding like stomp or another type of trap something tht just makes them half invis it's driving me crazy rouges will b top of
  9. I AGREE and so does sapp BRING CALLIE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP!!!!!!!! :cray:
  10. well ty u guys for the help much appreciated but i think if u go for bd get a bunch of defense runes crit runes and health for bd is the way to go and rings can only go with 2 dif things energy regen and i forget what else but i think i might have got it figured out not sure ill post again after i get my mc again ty u all so much :good: :drinks:
  11. im just starting this to c if anyone has any idea on how to do the best u can when u set ur crystals and runes on ur rare armor and get the best results ? :shok: if anyone has an idea or no of anything better post and that way we all no
  12. sweet i cant wait its gunna b great bds r gunna get a lil more powerful and its gunna b awsome
  13. shiftin

    Re: hey

    i play sapphire server as firstborn and emrald server as moutain clan
  14. shiftin

    Re: hey

    was just wondering whats the diffrence in the blade dancer skills sentinal and blade master is one like defensive things and other attack or can u like get all the skills im not sure but i no new update hasnt come out yet and cant wait for arena to open good luk to the game designers great game i love it :drinks: :clapping:
  15. shiftin


    supersayain ive killed u a few times its fun but theres no gain just did it so ud relize that just pikking on ppl is no fun we all have warspear friends and can just call upon them as needed just cause ur rank 5 doesnt mean just go out and pik on ppl ull rember me im shiftin and i had u runnning back in forth through a crossing was it fun hahahaha :tease:
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