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  1. Thanx devs my bleed is now 17 instead of 48 , thanx very much :facepalm: :facepalm:
  2. An Observation :- for some reason I saw the word 'kid' 1 or more time in each and every post of this guy :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: .
  3. Agree, and it doesnt stun if the opponent is active, eg. hitting, or using skill, sometimes even when enemy running. Situation eg:- If a barb charges and ranger scatters, the barb will just reach the ranger and get scattered back, which means charge waste.
  4. Thats for druids too Shaman and Druid: healing skills performance increased.
  5. Shaman and Druid:[/color] healing skills performance increased.
  6. The polling for overpowered is ongoing, so far rangers are winning
  7. Rangers were already hard for barbs, now more harder BDs were equal, now BDs got more power and barbs lost some power Shamans got more heal, and we lost the extra damage which somewhat decresed their heals Druids, we use to be able to kill, but now,,huh Rogues, would be still able kill rogues, (cuz barb skills are anti rogues), and rogues also got weaker.
  8. :clapping: :clapping: Good forum :clapping: :clapping: , just one suggestion, the text is not easily readable, may be cuz of the dark background, u may need to modify that
  9. I really hate these kind of ppl who pm u, after u smoke them. and his chat shows he/she is a looser baby.
  10. Do u even know what multi use means??? and what does it hav to do with 1 v 1 fight??? :wacko:
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