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    Blazeferno reacted to lallouss in [2018.05.29] Greeting video contest   
    done 50hours non sleep editing and recording 
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    Blazeferno reacted to Daria in [2018.05.29] Greeting video contest   
    Where is everyone?

    UPD: Yeah, I know now. :D
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    Blazeferno reacted to Waheed in vpn   
    Make drama so that someone important will answer you 
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    Blazeferno reacted to Daria in [2018.06.07] Update Warspear Online 7.6: 10 years of confrontation. Release.   
    Oh, sorry. Yes, I guess they will.
    I lied. Accessories will be dropping only during the event, gear stays forever.
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    Blazeferno reacted to Vlawot in [2018.06.04] Update Warspear Online 7.6: 10 years of Сonfrontation. Preview.   
    Android 4.0.0 and less http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.6.1-test/warspear-oldsdk.apk
    Android 4.0.3 and above http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.6.1-test/warspear-newsdk.apk
    Windows Desktop http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.6.1-test/warspear.exe
    Windows Desktop OpenGL http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.6.1-test/warspear-gl.exe
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    Blazeferno got a reaction from Man in The over powered classes   
    2k heal=noob dk,theres some who can heal 4-5k
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    Blazeferno reacted to lallouss in [2018.05.29] Greeting video contest   
    at last!! finally another video contest
    time to start record and editing 
    gdluck to all this is gona be awesome 
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    Blazeferno reacted to Kaleidoscope in Help new players   
    The keyword here is "impatient", a mod once said that the game isn't intented for casuals, so if someone is that lazy, the game ain't for them. Warspear was my 1st mmo rpg, and I developed my character on my own.
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    Blazeferno reacted to Godsrange in US Drama   
    Yes well if that's not fair enough for you then how about the times you your whole guild and (Keep in mind) Other guilds you allied with Habe been using third party softwares to contribute to the situation.
    Becareful what you say Hypocrite.
    Read rule 4.2.12 of the EULA regulations States: Run more then one copy of the game on one device. 
    As for names well I'll gladly say them: (Us- Sapphire)
    If you have any further concerns about this as well please refer to the new policy and safety. 

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    Blazeferno reacted to Urscrewed in Ganker KOS List (PvP Cave) ~   
    Add urscrewed to the list, this dumbass puts explosive traps at entrance to cave..
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    Blazeferno reacted to Psipsi in Charmers and stuns.   
    Wtf. That cave for pvp and gank. But that charmer reall a ganker. Why still waiting gm for nerff that class? Stun stun, again stunn. İ cant walk, i cant use any skill. That shit. Give Back my counter skill or make nerff charmers. 
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    Blazeferno reacted to Zurp in Birthday   
    They will reset all servers so we can all start from the beginning🤗
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    Blazeferno reacted to Tamer Ismail in Multi Logging by Huyenthoai Guild   
    Kill them all 

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    Blazeferno reacted to Gladiator in [2018.02.28] Update 7.4: Battle of Kings. Preview.   

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    Blazeferno reacted to Higgings in [2018.02.28] Update 7.4: Battle of Kings. Preview.   
    Mind everybody:  Infos about drops and so on will be given on the release post 
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    Blazeferno got a reaction from Omercix in [2018.01.15] Events in Arinar: January, 15-21   
    Let snow go ,Let snow go
    We are freezing here anyway!!!
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    Blazeferno got a reaction from f4348357 in Necromancer's new skill suggestion, CURSED   
    how abt summon zombie skill
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    Blazeferno got a reaction from Pliskin in Top Players Overall In 2017 - US-Sapphire   
    U forgot alejan
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    Blazeferno got a reaction from kishan_mage in [2017.08.21] Update 7.1: Guild Castles. Preview.   
    Counter is back? :*
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    Blazeferno reacted to UK in What is BladeDancer?   
    BD might not be the highest damage dealer but his items are  highest at dealer 
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    Blazeferno got a reaction from DeadFlowers in [Old Topic]Hotkey problem(review)   
    I think a lot of players have alrdy tried to notify our beloved developers() about this problem with very limited number of hotkeys. Still,I insist all to review this problem a bit
    [1] Presently Each class has 5 basic skills+7 expert= total 12 skills(except for 4 newest classes). But total hotkey=9( its alwasy 9 i think)..again most of players has newest arena skills(+2)      Again players keep their HP pots in hotkeys. So,total abt 15 hotkey is good(). But as i know its unrealistic. So,I think adding only 2 hotkeys is good enough to use more skills to make battles more interesting. ( i know some skills are passive. Still 2 hotkeys would nt be that bad )
    [2] If Arena skills could be activated from skill panel instead of hotkeys ( its really annoying asf to bring it in hotkey after players die and use and assign Class skill again)it would do good to players I hope ( Like heirs activate guild skills without assigning in hotkey panel now)
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    Blazeferno reacted to Urscrewed in What is BladeDancer?   
    ranger best dps 
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    Blazeferno reacted to Urscrewed in [Old Topic]Hotkey problem(review)   
    im just replying because i like these gifs so much
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    Blazeferno reacted to BennyBT in [Old Topic]Hotkey problem(review)   
    A year ago they said there is no way they were going to add archer class to mcsakens... And look now.
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