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  1. cybernem


    Change your smartphone.
  2. You don't need to do that, you're pretty or are you wearing a mask just to look attractive xD >.>
  3. I stopped arguing with heavybowos when I found out his IQ was in negative... Jk
  4. There's no such thing as victim here, system reminds you not to share your account information, it's all your fault.
  5. Latinocr and kenzhou, you just posted +10 sithlords rogue names.
  6. cybernem


    that will never happen
  7. He meant side effects, like smoking cause cancer. I'd use heroin Favourite movie?
  8. I like new admin, snorlax Did you like civil war? Or hated it because iron man fan?
  9. Its sad how people says yes/no on here, even if 50 people will vote for yes and 1 for no, it won't change anything. I like developers in other game forum, they'd reply in every suggestion topics but here, they just don't give a duck about people suggestions xD
  10. Agreed, summoners war does the same if game crash or something like this happens. It was clearly not our fault, but what can we expect from Aigrind, they can't even add confirmation message when we're buying something from miracle shop, they said just be careful like we can't understand why they have it this way. No wonder summoners war and the other game you mentioned are more successful.
  11. People like you O.o What type of people do you love?
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