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  1. 22 minutes ago, AmceRe said:

    its kinda funny how hard mercs cry here because they lost with 3 star war buff (which isnt fair either in a gvg btw) + castle buffs to a guild with none of both (real reason why they decided to make a topic), while the mc guild HASNT even used this non existing „bug“.

    but typical for zeus to cry when hes losing too much :) .

    @Nolanif youre already reworking stage 1 then you may aswell add the snow GvG feature where a round automatically ends after 3-4minutes. Stage 1 is all about who gets the first crown and hides it in their camp.

    maybe also remove the blessings buff from the crown holder like in snorlar gvg commander?

    If a chieftain enters inside the Merman gvg after event start with "Wolf Alacrity" buff , that buff will be removed automatically.

    This issue is already fixed with spring event and I dont know why people making useless topic for nerfing Chieftains more....



    I hope the Merman gvg 1st will be like getting points only by killing the opponents and crown area must be re-worked like only commander can  enter and take by fighting with opponent commander  1vs1 (Without any castle buff , war buff, pots , scroll and castle heal pot , If they used before it should be removed after he/she enter the crown area).



    This will be more interesting as a gvg and people no need bother who gets the crown first for a win.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Staks said:

    After testing different builds with new skills on my chieftain i get to the conclusion that this new skills does not make any difference from my pve side point of view

    Speed skill must increase the % given to make it at least 35%,to compesate the fact that maces and cloth gear do no have speed stack on them 

    Frenzy skill should increase its %dmg base from physical strength,make it 65% ,ita doesnt hit that hard  

    As far as resist skill goes i do think its duration its way to short for a class that doesnt have any control  skills,make it last longer 

    The whole point of this class is to be a high dmg class but no a crowd control (thats what i get) so in this matter we are not getttig there,dmg still low if u compare to any dmg class as rogue,seeker or ranger . The fact that we need to balance magic and physical makes impossible to keep a chieftain be an effective dmger as any other comparable class 

    I would suggest to take a  look at  the big picture and enhace this class


    Chieftain needs an aoe stun skill and the dps skill is worst with 20% speed. Resist skill is a joke with 6seconds duration , give us a 100% resist buff with the decent duration of time.

  3. 34 minutes ago, beto said:

    All my friends made a chieftain and high amped cause they were excited waiting this hero, now all are not excited anymore cause these skills not really good, its not fair u give to blade dancer resist long duration and fast cd, stop thinking on ur favorite side all time (elves) if u want both sides happy and balanced game u must give same resist than BD to chieftain, or make BD resist same than chieftain and u will see how all elves complain cause they only like op skills, all this year we had to stand and watch bd kill us with high dmg, alots stuns, and endless resist, we waiting so much for this skills balanced, and elves already abused so much on their op skills, i hope u can understand how mc feels, and this time u make good balanced skill,  nerf bd resist or give same resist to chieftain, easy.

    Nerf Bd skill "Power of the blades" like 3x damage stack and bd should Re-use that skill like chieftains do to get the damage buff.

    When chieftains use 2x 1h maces , they should get both speed and pene buff as well as damage buff while they using 2h weapons.

  4. 21 minutes ago, Hourai said:


    Are you also pvping in pve sets? That'd explain earlier posts. 



    You sound like keep arguing with me and not finding solution for the topic. I do use coins and my blades are +9 +10 no need to abuse me. I don't use rogue for pvp but they need a good solution and can nerf the kick skill if they bring back the old reflexes skill.

    25 minutes ago, Hourai said:


    I am convinced you don't read what you type, lol

    That's the old mechanim which had been nerfed in few days 

  5. 8 hours ago, Higgings said:


    We are speaking of a class which lives of dodge and speed. The "forcing" thingy is pretty subjective here, and you're matching this class with another one which is broken in 1 vs 1 scenarios. Rogues won't always meet BDs as opponents, and Kick in the back can be also used as an evading skill. 

    Bd is a broken class and rogue is a balanced class ? People disagree about the negative accuracy of the kick skill and it can be nerfed. Sometimes rogues can't use that kick skill if enemy full controls you or he use resist to avoid it . So I suggest the old reflexes skill which will be a proper passive defence mechanism for rogues , that's my opinion.


    2 hours ago, Hourai said:


    You either have seen/played low amp rogues or you're deliberately making them seem really bad. And sap isn't control anyway





    I have a full amp rogue and I use it for pve purpose . Sap reduces 35% speed and some % of the damage which makes the rogues speed useless . It's like reducing half of the rogues damage . This makes the bd users much easy to kill rogues.


    2 hours ago, Hourai said:


    And dots don't count? Do you read what you write?



    I mean Dot skill can affect the rogues HP but it shouldn't remove the dodge buff of rogue by the old reflexes skill. Read up clearly about the mechanism. Dot skill is mostly a non-accuracy based skill like Retribution skill , dk(death call) , necros (poison , rain) , mage(area fire damage) and druid(aoe root).

  6. 19 hours ago, Higgings said:


    Hmm no ty. The new reflexes is good enough the way it is. 


    Rogues new Reflexes skill mechanism is bad. Even if a rogue lvl up that skill 4/4 , they are forced to put dodge Rune in rings and weapons. A max dodging rogue doesn't get a skill trigger by that skill everytime. So they are forced to put points in the skill Kick in the back. During war time , rogues can't depend on that skill kick in the back and they need a proper defence mechanism. 


    Rogues still die fast with that reflexes skill and a bd have 2x 100% resist skills with good number of control skill (hamstring , sap and area stun).


    So I suggest rogue must have the same defence mechanism with 3x dodge stack buff and it must stack dodge buff for every 5seconds same like the barb stone skin mechanism. Then the hit gets dodged 100%  (without counting dot skill of the enemy)




    18 hours ago, Hourai said:


    Level 5 shield on properly amplified necros/priest is much more annoying than sacred shield, especially since you can use relics to amplify it further, plus a lot less CD to boot



    Those necros or priest shield will be disappeared after 2-3 normal hits even if they have it 5/5 and that shield only can be applied on one person at a time.


    So the paladins shield can be re-worked like this ,  paladin can only use shield on the ally/person and the pala user shouldn't get a shield for himself even if the skill is lvled up to 4/4. I think this mechanism is balanced.


    18 hours ago, Hourai said:


    Everyone always says that but has anyone ever levelled it to max? Because I doubt it, since there's so many better skills to invest in

    Shamans Ancestors hand skill just absorbs 200damage if the skill is 1/4 and even if the skill 4/4 , it just absorbs like 1k damage more useless compared to elfs shield skills

  7. 15 hours ago, Hourai said:

    A paladin who doesn't want to be useless/shieldbot does. 



    Paladin shield is based on MAX BASE HP (at best 6-7k, buffs dont apply), and has no def, practically meaning people hit full on it, and it goes down pretty quick versus reasonable amplified people. CD is 40 seconds base or around 30 if you lose pene/mreg on rings, accuracy on helm and resil belt since you have to go cdr belt, ergo this sentence of yours is utter bs. You people keep bringing up paladins for a shield, not realizing they practically have NOTHING else in their arsenal left, and this shield is but a bandaid fix to their banner nerfs.


    So basically like how it is but minus some HP? lol Then make the shield take into consideration the users resilience/defs, give people a good reason to whine 

    Paladins already have 2x heal with a combo heal on expert skill and they don't need a op shield which absorbs 4dd skills and several auto hits , even if the paladins HP had been reduced they can shield back fast and regain the full hp by those heal skills. No other mc classes have a shield like this. Even necros and priest skill are same which absorbs damage depends the points that we spend . Banner damage  really isn't a nerf , they just changed from 4 yards to 3 yards.


    I wish shamans gets a shield like this hope they rework that Ancestors hand skill back same like paladins shield.


    Anyways hope rogues get back the old Reflex skill and they can nerf kick in the back skill instead of it. That will be a good balancing of skills for rogues compared to the sentinels.

  8. 11 hours ago, Raislin said:


    Regardless of what exists for paladins to put sacred shield on if they lose it what do they get in exchange. Because if you didnt notice all of their skills are kinda terrible besides foj. Banner does 100 damage per tick on +10 players when theres 2-3 of them in range. Illumination does maybe 1k damage every 6-8 seconds and thats fully awarded magic paladin. If you go physical for pvp you are wasting your money and your time since repellant shield just pushes people away from you making it harder to hit them and it doesnt even do good damage and you basically turn half of your skills useless thanks to having extremely low magic damage. Thanks to paladin prayer and sun seal/repellant combo you can kind of sustain yourself and maybe heal someone once a minute thanks to prayer being a targetable skill, bit of course it has the downside of having a year long cooldown for some reason. What im telling you is that paladin wont get changed in anyway in the near future thanks to them being completely useless if you take sacred shield from them regardless of what ever that shield might make the other classes do.


    I mained legion classes for a long time so not like i havent fought bds and whatever else nonsense they came up with at the time. I played my lock through the initial resistance era where it was still somewhat reasonable. I think resistance as a stat is completely fine in concept at least but castle scrolls for example dont really need to exist. Not really sure why any classes beyond maybe warden and mage got skills with resistance properties. They make no sense on bds and barbarians at all but whatever i quess not like they are going to get redone anymore since after rogues reflex change they have never really reworked a expert skill completely besides maybe barbarians last wish but thats mostly because it wasnt working at all so something had to be done about it. 


    As for wars often it does come down to unitys and such but ive been doing a good 50k-70k damage per flag in legion and cara the last few wars completely alone just walking from our towns to legion flags and obviously stealthing in the camps. Sometimes you hit once and get killed, sometimes you can sit there for a good 10 seconds without anyone noticing. Its all about luck essentially. Rogues have been doing the same thing for a long time and their contribution to the total damage on flags shouldnt be underestimated.


    Warlocks are fine as they are atm. Besides mages giving away ennoble bds are the only ones that can deal with the aoe silences and dark circles with ease. Maybe paladin can jump over them with harad call or something but thats just asking to get killed. Bladedancers resist skill should probably be changed to do something completely different but the rush resistance almost needs to stay as besides that they dont have any effective gap closers. As i said before you simply cannot nerf paladins shield before something else gets buffed otherwise they are just stationary pez dispenser giving out small heals and doing jack all besides that. As for what id change about druids i have no idea honestly. Besides just refusing to die they seem to not do much at all. the roots are annoying but you can always buff with resistance to avoid some of that.


    I actually dont get why people focus so hard on bd of all classes for some reason. I see rangers as much bigger of a problem myself. But i quess thats how it is when half the rangers in your guild are +10 awarded and fully booked chars.


    Paladins never lvl up any magical damage skill , that's why u see low damage on enemies. They all just follow the same build 4/4 sacred shield , 4/4 prayer etc. Paladins shield strike is same as Barb shield strike and no paladins puts the points on those and it stuns longer.


    Paladins shield can be re-worked like guild patron shield which absorbs 3-4k damage and if u compare a magical damage dk they sacrifice physical dmg skill for only 2 magical damage expert skills. It's a same thing that you need to sacrifice some skills depends on your build.

  9. 16 hours ago, Raislin said:

    First of all frenzy isnt useless by any means as you can use it in pve. Not all buff skills are made equal, we seekers have 12% crit 25% crit dmg skill as well which has no use what so ever in pvp but its great in pve. 


    Every healer can save from 1hp, its not as if this is somehow exclusive to druids and paladins. And im tired of ppl bringing up paladins as if they are somehow answer to all problems. Besides the shield being strong paladins have nothing else going for them pretty much. If you take sacred shield away from them at the moment they will be the weakest class right next to seekers and probably wardens and deathknights in pvp. If you want to nerf sacred shield you have to give them something back, such as old banner for example but im sure nobody wants to see 5x5 1k+ magic damage ticks again. Sacred shield also has 40 seconds cooldown which to me seems quite long, most of the time you can get it down to 25-30 seconds at best with decent amount of cdr. So if you cant kill in that time frame too bad i quess.  As for druids they have high survivability yes but if they are busy spamming all heals on themselves they arent exactly using root and other cc on enemies or heals on everyone else are they.


    And i highly disagree with rogues dying to all classes easily. They land somewhere neutral to hard to kill for pretty much everyone. If they are running a decent dodge build of course. Without dodge build rogues are seeker without the extra damage to autos , but then again they can use axes so +-0 i suppose.



    Even if rogue is defeatable by certain classes that doesnt automatically make the skill not stupid. Theres plenty of reasons why some class can kill another and that will not invalidate an argument on its face, Priests can kill any melee class as long as they can survive a stun chain and can get the melee class to move while in elusive, even if you dont get killed by weird screen bug elusives theres not much you can do as a seeker, deathknight, paladin and probably as you mentioned rogue. So rogues getting killed by priests is by no means somehow exclusive to them, arguably of the mentioned classes they probably have the higher chance of actually killing priests.


    As for arena scenario theres obviously the counter argument to be had that rogues partner can cc the other player in the opposing team while rogue has the main target on kick and he cannot do anything to the rogue while also having to deal with rogues partner. This goes both ways. 


    ^ Pretty much applies to gvgs and wars etc. Obviously rogue will have others helping them and being the major dps class of legion they do their job well they dont need to tank many people in most situations and if they do at least they have dodge to offset some of the damage.


    Obviously im biased but you cannot say you are unbiased. Legion player just shines though your arguments like a lighthouse since you only bring up the stupid bs some of the Sentinel characters have and deflect when its about legion characters such as barbarian rogue and shaman. Lets not kid ourselves here.



    Paladin fetters cap at 5 players, 7 or 8 with relic and theres better relics to be put on there so not like anyone uses the relic that lets the skill affect more players.And cant say ive seen many bladedancers actually level up the shield skill so at best it will block like 800-1000 damage at best. Generally speaking 1 or 2 hits at the highest level of play.


    While we are at it lets make a similar list about mc classes while we are at it so we can all realize theres no point in really brining up other classes in this conversation besides classes that can be roughly compared to each other on both sides.


    1. Barbarian, heavy armor, cant be controlled, always initiates group fights, no aoe but has 3 yards more range and is more tanky than bd. Has long lasting single targets stuns and aoe debuffs.

    2. Shamans the tankiest caster in the game thanks to aoe debuffs and aoe heal that can be combined with their new skill which makes +10 full award characters tickle you slightly on top of cleansing random debuffs.

    3. Everyones favourite warlock with assortment of cc aoe and single target both and some survivability thanks to stone body making them completely invulnerable while they get skills off cooldown.

    4. Charmers with their infinite cc loops and the ability to summon highly damaging minions that dont even die easily anymore thanks to relatively recent updates and they can also heal themselves or others. Can also be incredibly tanky thanks to block increasing buff and the ability to wear heavy armor and shields.


    How about you fix some of that please(jokes), but really this is why i wanted to keep the topic mainly on compable classes as bringing other classes in the mix just makes things messy.



    When you use some skills like Berserk power (Barbarian) and Frenzy (Rogue) and it says every in-coming damage has been increase by some certain % and u will like to use it? A Blade dancer can kill those classes faster with 160% more Common hit damage. So the blade dancers can hit those 50% Resilience Barb or rouge like 1.5k+ damage easily and a Paladin can provide him shield 24/7. I have huge doubt among all the elf classes shield mechanism. A Bd can use his shield skill + paladins shield + priest shield on himself which can overlap and stack but when a sham use pull shield on some Rogue and a necro use the shield on that particular rogue same time , the sham shield gets removed and why they doesnt gets stacked? It's a kind of Joking mechanism and one sided game for Elfs.


    Barbarian isn't tanky anymore in arena/wars and they have Retribution weakness which can clear the stone skin and makes easy to die faster. A 10k HP paladin can give 12.5k HP shield to him and his partner and the cd is Very low like 25-30 seconds can re-use it 24/7 when the shield is broken where as Barbarians last wish skill is 90 seconds cd and that skill doesn't mingle with guild cd or  by the cd enchant in gears. I wish paladins shield must have cd like 90 seconds or they should re-work it like same as guild patron skill which absorbs 3-4k damage.


    A shaman or a charmer can't instant save a mc char from dying where as paladins and druid just need to use 1skill and a heal and they survive with full hp in few seconds which is more broken. Druids can also support the whole party with heal and the shaman heal totems can also be counter by many elf char like paladins shield hit and the Templars backwards hit which pull 3yard with 100% stun chance for 4 seconds + 250% auto hit damage. Elf each expert skill always have 3-4 advantages which sounds more unfair.


    I do also wish they will bring the rogues Old Reflex skill which makes the class more balanced compared to the all elf classes. Even a bd can kill all the elf classes alone very easily and they have 2x best resist skill with 2x best damage buff with several number of control skills. Counter attack skill is more broken skill and rogues definitely need the old reflex skill back.


    Most of the warlock users playing elfs classes now or they just quit the game due to the un-fairness and the comparison of the elfs op skills


    Charmers gets nerf much and they are being useless for wars. They already nerf the aoe combo stun (knowledge of the dead man + other worlds fire) . So charmers can't control any elf crowd in war and the bird heal is being useless which doesn't give a complete heal because they already die by elfs aoe damage or 2 hit by any elf class. Templars are outstanding for wars with number of crowd control skills and the special survivable skills which are most broken compared to charmers.



    So please bring the balance for each mc classes or nerf each elf classes who have  op skills.

  10. I wish there will be a rework for the skill Frenzy. That skill adds dmg buff to all elfs who hits the rogue with an useless criti buff.That skill must be same like rangers Point shooting skill which adds damage buff  and accuracy buff


    On 12/4/2020 at 10:29 AM, Raislin said:

    Not sure how you took it that way but okay.



    Legion has an even better heal and its shamans heal totem. I do not know how you can ignore such a great tool for large scale pvp(not to mention multiple totems stack on top of each other). Paladin shield is indeed broken but if paladins dont get buffed in otherways before the shield is nerfed they are kind of useless. Templar isnt a healer, at the moment they need decent physical to do any kind of reasonable damage which obviously means less healing from the passive. i don't understand why you bring up those classes up in the first place considering the context we have been talking about rogues and other classes in this topic so far. Druid heals are all single target skills which in the large scope of things wont help at all in large scale pvp since youll be able to heal one or two people for small amounts. Paladin shield has a really long cooldown and at best you get it on 2 people. Banner does no damage in groups of 3 and up and its best quality is the defence debuff it gives at that point.


    The buff to kick in the back was completely unnecessary since majority of the rogue players were already running dodge builds anyway which makes it fairly obvious it was quite strong already anyway. And thanks to rogues whining for years for a stun skill they didnt need they were given one and added a heal on top of it too. It's probably because the class is so popular it was buffed so much but in small group pvp(2-5-10 players) its broken beyond belief in its current state. Because you use the skill on an enemy it just means the more rogues there are the more value get out of the skill since the enemy pretty much cant attack any rogue as things stand since all you will be doing is miss every hit (slightly over exaggerated, but still fairly likely to happen).

    Druids and Paladins can save an elf from 1hp left . Shamans heal totem skill doesn't matter if u target a same mc and shamans Ancestors hand is an useless skill with very low absorption dmg. Paladins Sacred shield doesnt have a long cd , it's re-usable with high dmg absorption after the skill cd over which is more broken. Rogues only have stealth dmg buff which isn't consistent to use again in arena and rogues move weak during war if they stealth is gone. Rogues without stun skill is equal to a sheep and all classes can kill rogues easily . Bd is more broken with 2 resist skill with high auto hit consistent dmg and the old counter skill is back which is more op at wars. So the kick in the back skill doesn't matter by comparing with elfs op skills

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