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  1. Thats because you play with your screen vertically
  2. I dont know, i've never tested that scroll
  3. The amount of gp needed to ue ctive skills depends on your guild level
  4. It increases the amount of health regeneration speed affect how fast does your health regen
  5. Jcbreff

    Hey am new

  6. This isnt gonna be as long as new char update which took line 16 hours
  7. Jcbreff


    If this would become game feature we could name our guild ukraine,belarus,russia... and merge them into the soviet union
  8. Go search russian forum. They wont post it here Android 4.0.0 http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.5.0-test/warspear-oldsdk.apk Android 4.0.3 http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.5.0-test/warspear-newsdk.apk Windows desktop http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.5.0-test/warspear.exe Windows desktop OpenGL http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.5.0-test/warspear-gl.exe
  9. Jcbreff

    Level 13 Rogue

    In irselnprth you have to do almost every quest expect bosses
  10. Jcbreff


    Free signs and bagspace
  11. Jcbreff

    Name character Suggest

    But then if we could name our character "MrRowan" and "Mrrowan", then when someone adds that player as a friend he would have to write some letters with caps
  12. Tell me how you get 10000000000000000000000k in 6 months
  13. Every big change that isnt yearly like halloween,snowy and spring comes close to summer which hypes up players