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  1. Imbalanced Characters.

    No matter what devs do there will always be some inbalance in the game Only if there was 1 type of character, then it would be balanced
  2. Physical Damage and magic

    2=1 4=2 6=3 8=4 10=6 12=7 14=8 16=9 18=10 20=12 22=13 24=14 26=15 28=16 Total of 16 skillpoints and when level 30 comes its 18
  3. semi retiring.

    And lvl 24 mc can be killed by lvl 18 elf
  4. Imbalanced Characters.

    Every elf complains that mcs are broken and vice versa
  5. semi retiring.

    True balance is only possible if there would be only 1 class
  6. semi retiring.

    1. Elf have stun skills aswell and all mcs dont have skill to prevent them 2. How do lvl 10 guild and arena fight have in common 3. Devs do nerf mcs and elfs as they see is best for the game 4. ^^ elfs and mcs have been both unbalanced
  7. Physical Damage and magic

    Either mace+shield or spear
  8. Test Link For All aKa Equality

    Maybe they think that russian find more and bigger bugs
  9. EXP potion

    Did you just use it or did u use it and relogged dont get double xp or you dont see double xp on quest info?
  10. Why was getting free mcoins by watcing ads removed

    If we could watch videos and get like 1 free mcoin/video Aigrind would make more money
  11. Private Mode

    Basically turn everything off from settings, then you would only have message icon on top of menu button and interactions. Invites and trades etc.
  12. Physical Damage and magic

    Propably he meant that which increases dmg more (i.e. getting 1 point of magic or 1 point of physical). And to answer for him. It all depends on enemy's defence, most players have more physical def than magical def
  13. Shared accounts.

    Get proof and send it to support Im pretty sure support could just check those ips but then again, lyzo has few devices so 2 accs for each device Also, how can you be so sure that he shares accs P.s. since your main char is elf you could ha e posted this just cuz he defeated you many times (im not saying you posted this because you lost but we can never be sure)
  14. Bagspace is way to small!

    You would still eventually run out of space How do you fill up 2365 bagspace