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  1. If i remember correctly you have to link email to it and the when logging in select it to be saved
  2. There might be an event sometime in the future that allows us to restore characters deleted longer time ago
  3. If,if, if If hitler wouldnt have been chancellor world could be a better place but it could also be worse
  4. You can find that picture on on Reddit by searching for banshee concept art on google
  5. The Executioner the Executioner closely resembles a grim reaper with a full black cloth and a scythe made from the bones of his enemies. You can’t see his face but you can see the glow of death and hatred which emanates from his eyes. He also has an axe that is as long as him on his back but he never uses it. His abilities allow him to summon reanimated corpses and to summon a circle which leeches life from everything it hits. Executioner can also ascend to his spectral form for some time in which he is invisible and invincible, but his spectral form can be interrupted by damaging his mortal remains. When at low health Executioner will harvest souls of every corpse that he has reanimated that isn’t dead as a final effort to survive and kill our heroes. Executioner also has so much experience in killing others he has natural way to turn blood of the others into hp for itself and will occasionally consume one of the reanimated corpses and get back all the hp that it had left Executioner's arena is covered in skulls, armors and pieces of weaponry. You can see that many unlucky soldiers have fallen by the hands of the Executioner. Sides of the arena are lit by torches that burn something other than coal because they emit an eerie glow across the room “Sacred history books of Arinar tell the tale about how Sam Hain has run the horror circus for centuries and he and his minions have done some terrible things as experiments in the name of science and just to soothe their own sadistic sense of fun. But not everyone who has died there were properly buried and sent beyond the living realm. Some were just cast into the ocean to be eaten by sharks and whales while others not so lucky were just left to rot and get eaten by wild animals such as ravens and rats. Some have experienced near death experiences during which they briefly visited the undead realm beyond our world and if they remembered anything they would say that everything there is horrible beyond imagination. Some would even lose their mind when describing the horrors.One of the most infamous examples of someone going mad thanks to that is the Joker. One day, Sam Hain himself had a near death experience and he had hallucinations of a demon who was wearing a black cloth and carried a scythe made of bones. The demon told Sam that he was the Executioner who was a glorious knight who slew entire armies single handedly. When he eventually was defeated he was tasked to eternally guard between the realms. He had seen what Sam and later heroes hired by him to vanquish Sam’s enemies had done. None of them were properly buried but instead just left to rot in their dungeons. The Executioner saw them as worthy warriors and wanted them to find peace. He explained that none of Sam’s mortal enemies were really gone but were instead waiting as spectral ghosts for either Sam to die or for them to get out of there to get their revenge. The Executioner had made a deal with them to allow them to get him Sam’s mortal body because it had so much energy he could engulf the whole world in deathly mist and escape his job as the guardian of the border of the realms and as a way to empower ghosts to travel to the realm of death.” The Executioner’s minions includes all kinds of reanimated dead. Majority of his army consist of warriors who weren’t high ranked in their lives and died as distractions and as meat shields during attacks. Some high ranked officers and tacticians are also present in his army. They were assassinated or sometimes executed for treason. Generals of his undead army are spirits of some of Sam Hain’s worst enemies who got spectral energy from the executioner and were able to form their mortal bodies they once had, although not perfectly. Their life force is dependant on that of the Executioner so if he is banished they all disappear. Primary fighting style of the warriors is to swarm enemies with sheer numbers while officers and tacticians command only a few warriors but they are elite meaning they can take and deal more damage. Generals are able to use their previous fighting styles. One big difference however is that the spectral energy infused them and their weapons with the breath of death which means their attacks will weaken any attackers
  6. Jcbreff


    Those chinese player just have decided to play on european server
  7. They appear sometimes and are pretty rare
  8. Jcbreff

    Need explanation

    Send ticket to support team and they will tell you the reason Someone who has support team address as a link, please post it
  9. I did think it looked weird Well, then i have no idea where 11th is if there even are that many
  10. There are only blue dots i can see being miracle coins
  11. You lose stealth when you deal damage so i guess dot now counts too
  12. Emerald is european server and in most european countries people speak english
  13. Its the same as necro's deathly eye which means that i will work against players and normal enemies but bosses have high chance to resist debuffs
  14. Jcbreff

    Bot army

    they might be bots but they might also just be new players
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