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  1. if you play on us server and live in europe then some events such as wars atleast used to be at like 5am
  2. that's when most players are online
  3. war times start when most players are online, they have the data for it
  4. how do you suggest that they would revive servers if more players just want to start character on eu or us or russian servers
  5. what are you planning to refund, mcoin purchases were your own choosing so they have no reason to not ban you if you refund them
  6. or they could just make new characters because migrating characters is something aigrind wont do
  7. Jcbreff


    I dont think it is
  8. there are guilds: menu>society>my guild but in order to join a guild you have to either be invited or reach level 12 and spend 30 000 gold and 1 unity sign to create a guild
  9. they have to set the max level at something, if you only care about winning you get to that level and become one of them
  10. And increasing drop chances would make it even worse
  11. could be that too although dungeons have been around much longer than crafting
  12. i prefer to finish dungeons safely without too many risks
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