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  1. devs almost never comment anything on international forum and admins might not want to pick sides devs have balanced them to be as they are so they should consider them to be balanced enough
  2. Jcbreff

    Unable to update

    it took some time to be able to update through steam but it's probably solved by now
  3. In their current form these skills can only revive party members, what I'm suggesting is that you could also revive guild members but it would prioritize party members because i have seen more than 1 situation in which guild member is dead but for one reason or another I didn't want to leave my party so they have had to either use life scroll or just respawn normally
  4. With those numbera this skills sounds useless because 50 damage isnt yhat much when youre talking about having 5k+ hp and damahe dealt is measures in thousand and more
  5. yeah it's that once you become a mod it shows on all your posts so you cant really track which you have written before the promotion. give any class good enough gear and enough buffs and i dare to say that they could solo it
  6. I wouldn't object getting another support skill for necro since we are one of the best supports already thanks to dark power and revive in addition to 2 heals and shield
  7. if we take whole playerbase then I wouldnt be suprised if top 5% were all 30+ atleast since there are inactive characters and such its also about the server's economy if alot of people spam those dgs then prices would most likely go down when more of those books were dropped. its also related to other dgs since some equipments suchas mermen gear can be exchanged for some books in emerald or atleast some offer them
  8. It depends on how you define average player, books should be one end goal and not affordable easily for lets say every level 30+ character
  9. just checked this while moving and noticed that this guide is old enough to feature all 5 original map 1 dg drops and since 2 dgs from every beginner island have been removed
  10. i mean technically they would be just as rare because their amount wouldnt increase with unbinds but yeah you could "rent" and they could become like faceless costume expect that its just [none]
  11. you can, it might depend on which side your main is and which side you focus on more
  12. people will always find skills that they think are broken and almost always they're those of the opposite side, their own side's skills are rarely broken and sometimes even in the need of buffs
  13. people would complain that this would devalue their own path to level 30+ you can get it to 20 slots thanks to exttra bag from map 1 quest and extra bag from six shadows quest
  14. I didnt see much regrouping and attacking in packs on second video, I just saw people rushing to attack and die alone and also that there is a difference between attacking the enemy and the enemy waiting for you to come to them
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