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  1. Server transfer

    (i still clicked quote button and dont know gow to remove it) They could atleast make thant you coud transfer 5 items from server to another like once or twice every week for 1 account

    (i accidentally clicked quote button and i dont know how to remove it) I wonder what are the chances of [strong] mob drop spheres. I killed 6 of those bear and got 1 def amd 1 dmg sphere? Am i lucky or what?
  3. Worst And Bess Class? (PVP,PVE,ARENA)

    Where's warden. Also if that is pvp rofues arent tier shit theyre tier op. Necro should be in tier shit in. And if that is pve then well necro ane priest should be higher.
  4. Increase Boss Drop Rate For All Bosses

    1 ethreal ess cost about 30k and you need (atleast i think) over 20 for some crafts + all those resources to get required items and get to certain craft level.
  5. Dear devs, root is not a silence. ;)

    3/4 that seems like 4/5 to me
  6. Idea about fusing items

    Why dont we have equipment fusion. Like so: x amount of same level 1 weapon/equipment can be fused to 1 lvl 3 weapon. x amount of same lvl 3 items can be fused to lvl 5 item. Lvl 5 to lvl 7 and so on. Fusing amplified weapons. fusing x amount of same level 1 item that are all like +4 or 5 could have chance to be fused into lvl 3 or 4 (cuz i dont remember which level lowest event weapons are) event weapon +0. Same thing could be with enchants too. Like so: x amount of [incomolete rune of defense] could be fused into [complete rune of defense] and x amount of great charm crystals could be fused into having better chance to apply great charms (and that bonus would be greater than normal great charm crystal bonus) What do you guys and ladies think about this idea
  7. The scammer's unlucky day

    Has anyone done guide of "how to avoid all scams" like full bag trick, the one about giving 1111 instead of 11111, the wrong item this topic is about, selling (for example) 10 sets signs for 100k. Giving you 5 sets and you pay for all 10 sets and then they dot give rest 5 set. Then there are some (kinda) not scams like asking payment for help early and quit without helping. (Sorry for any mistyping there might be)
  8. Worst And Bess Class? (PVP,PVE,ARENA)

    My personal opinion is that bd is best class for learning mechanics and i think its best attacker/defender mix (Im necro myself)
  9. [2017.07.06] Guild Castles. Part II

    It is hard to stay excited for update when there's nothing to do for me in the game right now (because im weak and poor)
  10. What country in EU=Europe would you like to get ticket to
  11. Facts About Warspear

    Fact #155 AOA has most guild tournament wins
  12. Yellow guests in Kronus lab

    Like what kind of guests are there. How many peoples are needed and what are rewards
  13. Yellow guests in Kronus lab

    Can someone make guide here. I been looking for one but i cant find