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  1. Jcbreff

    Relics for Hunter

    The relic that reduces energy usage of combat stance is really great
  2. Jcbreff


    You can unlink facebook account from facebook settings
  3. Jcbreff

    Guild upgrade cost

    And if youre heir or leader you can see level up cost by going to my progress on the guild screen and selecting advance level
  4. Jcbreff


    It doesnt show how many enemies you have scared
  5. Jcbreff

    My Steam account was stolen

    I dont think Aigrind support team can help you, only Valve support
  6. Jcbreff


    But the point of vpn is that it can access blocked sites
  7. Jcbreff

    Macro chat for Party Leader

    but then people could spam it in World chat and we wouldnt see all those "helpful" messages that we usually see and people could have problems editing macros
  8. Jcbreff

    Revive in a nutshell

    People have muscle memory about quickly pressing respawn button and they dont know if you have revive or not
  9. Jcbreff

    Issues from after the 7.7.2 update

    Please send a ticket to support https://warspear-online.com/en/support Or if you're using gmail then this is it [email protected]
  10. Jcbreff

    Affordable and Same Mcoins Prices

    Use of vpn is not but i think using it to get cheaper coins is prohibited
  11. Jcbreff

    Affordable and Same Mcoins Prices

    Im pretty sure that some mcoin prices are based on the country's average wage
  12. Jcbreff


    There arent any tricks, those who amp many items to +10 during sign sale just buy and use alot of signs I would say that for every succesful +10 amp there are atleast 100 others who have used signs for nothing
  13. Jcbreff


    You will receive event chest if you are in the event area 30 seconds before tbe event is completed
  14. Guard Skrjumir (level 16) - unique armor (head and legs) of level 14 and 16 with Steal health bonus  Drop from Bosses: recommended level (and lower