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  1. Jcbreff


    Isn't it 5-14?
  2. Jcbreff


    As a rare drop from dungeons and some bosses
  3. It is either boss or mini boss in which case youre supposed to get other players to help you or come back later when you are stronger
  4. "A massively multiplayer online game (MMOG, or more commonly, MMO) is an online game with large numbers of players, typically from hundreds to thousands, on the same server."
  5. you need to send an email to support team and they will answer your question in 5-14 working days
  6. can you provide some screenshots so i understand better
  7. in which part of the chosen map it is
  8. Jcbreff


    You can join guild by beimg invited into it Sometimes players are more willing to help so your best bet is to look through forums and find someone to message Dungeons are not meant to be soloed so you need a bigger party and tank is supposed to take agro and healers are needed to keep them alive You unlock crafting when you reach level 10 i believe but its really expensive so you need to farm alot to get any profit from it If jolly snowman is that building in snowy bound, its basically just a pvp place You cannot switch realms but you can always create new character in another server
  9. guild leadership is passed onto one of the heirs is the leader isnt online for 14 days
  10. I moved this topic because it doesnt contain any suggestions
  11. It would propably be confusing for most people since lunar year is is famous world widr because chinese influence but india doesn't have that same amount of influence. Maybe someday they will add events for many cultures but for now i think they will just stick with russian, european and universal traditons and lunar new year
  12. Theu dont add "american time" or even GMT even though those are propably biggest communities because Aigrind is russian and that is easiest for them to say
  13. playing on zoom level like this was really fun 😄 propably bugged because i had it on and device ran out of battery but game didnt close
  14. server might just be so populated that it cant handle every connection correctly
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