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  1. Jcbreff

    Missing (six shadows cape?

    Berengar's guards is cl boss Six shadows is different quest 3 spirits are located here
  2. Jcbreff

    Missing (six shadows cape?

    It is a quest item so you cant sell or dissasemble it
  3. Jcbreff

    Missing (six shadows cape?

    It should be in your inventory However if its not then you need to cancel quest and do it again
  4. Jcbreff

    The Reason why lvl 30 is being pushed 3 years (theory)

    Try to balance game like this Coding updates takes time Account sharing is difficult to prove Awards were removed because they were so op at low levels, or something like that Arena seasons are shorter so it takes less effort
  5. Max damage for barb or dk using arena spear lvl 27 and greatness items and guild buff is 1270 https://db.warspear.pp.ua/calc/en/37990 If you would add necro's dark power, then that player would have about 1460dmg Why does no one complain about warden who can reach over 1300dmg https://db.warspear.pp.ua/calc/en/37991
  6. Jcbreff

    Character disappeared

    I remember seeing that you cant restore characters that have been removed certain time ago, but i could be wrong Edit:
  7. Jcbreff

    Tweaks And Changes Needed For Rogues

    How are rogue and barb almost unplayable rogues are meant to be fast killers and with 5 damage skills, 6 if you include poison blades and some stat improving skills i think it can do this Rogue can get more base damage and dps than hunter,ranger or seeker, only bd can get more damage since they have that ability which increases damage by 4% Every single melee attacker will ha e problems with AoE skills Healer cant do more damage than rogue since rogue usually has more damage and more damaging skill Because of reasons already said rogue aren't fillers for dgs but usually most common damager and possibly the best to deal pure damage
  8. Jcbreff

    Remove axes from Bladedancers

    Rogues were the original mc damagers but bds were supposed to be tank, but they didnt get shield Remove every weapon from every class and have everyone fist everyone else to death
  9. Jcbreff

    The Reason why lvl 30 is being pushed 3 years (theory)

    Level 30 doesnt mean end of the story and not that many people care about the story anyway. Max level could have been 20 or it could be 40 in the future Personally i dont think that announcing updates will make people send more, only when update comes
  10. Jcbreff

    Newb Quest Bugged??

    Those zombie mobs near mortalrium keeper
  11. Jcbreff

    Unbind email from account?

    You could just log to your email on a different device
  12. Jcbreff

    Best Class Overall

    Now we wait for Man to come and disagree
  13. Jcbreff

    Best Class Overall

    I just had to vote for bd since its good in pve and pvp, if i would have to say my opinion with 1 word it would be hamstring
  14. Jcbreff

    Unbind email from account?

    It is not possible to unbind email once its assigned
  15. Jcbreff

    Easy Norlant Swamps quests?

    I would say either nasty frogls, since some frogls attack normally and bot in a group oe towers of vrangis, because you can afk and wait for tower to reset