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  1. It shouls still be the same according to achievement description ingame
  2. there isn't any reason to post this here even if you can't reach support team
  3. And its weird since questing gives a lot more gold these days
  4. they're the bad guys for you, you are the bad guy for them
  5. Youre not the only one but propably not about the exact same thing
  6. and mine was about how it is not accurate comparison
  7. its not because terrorist dont want to kill just cops, they want to kill everyone and police shouldnt want to kill anyone unless it is life and death situation
  8. Theyre friends?, but that was not the point, the point was that you complained about them not killing eachother
  9. And by making an alliance they are not fighting
  10. That whole topic basically You said "this goes againts the rules"
  11. so once again, you died im gonna have to ask you to stop creating new topics for video about you getting killed, we already have a pvp section on videos of the game
  12. We alreadt have a topic for memes Also remember that memes shouldnt be insulting
  13. propably to check if he attacks when provoked i too have to say, you complain when enemies are aggressive and then you complain when your side is not aggressive
  14. how is it "acting like they own everything" when enemy just decided not to attack and im not pvp expert but that rogue seems to be in the middle of attack animation
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