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  1. Its the same as necro's deathly eye which means that i will work against players and normal enemies but bosses have high chance to resist debuffs
  2. Jcbreff

    Bot army

    they might be bots but they might also just be new players
  3. Merging us and eu server wouldnt make sense because there is over 9 hour timezone between some parts
  4. Jcbreff

    Mcoins price

    Its about inflation If mcoins were scaled to same price everywhere then in some countries they woyld be really expensive and somewhere really cheap
  5. How does that affect your soloing if agro range of boss is decreased
  6. Jcbreff

    Block and Parry

    Some armors do have both but mostly you get only 1
  7. Jcbreff

    Class Balance

    Just because you cant kill them doesnt mean that theyre immortal im guessing you play as a healer because they have less defenses
  8. If devs see that warlock isnt viable anymore they will tweak something to make it better
  9. Jcbreff


    These mobs kinda have to hit hard considering they are scaled for highest level areas of the game
  10. Jcbreff

    Class Balance

    Both alliances do have chance to win, it just depends on player skill and class
  11. Jcbreff

    Class Balance

    There might be typos but looks like you want elfs to always lose And whem game has 16 different classes with different skills its impossible to have it perfectly balanced since skill plays a role in pvp
  12. Once you assign email to your account you cant unbind it but no one can access your account if they dont know the password so you must have given it to someone
  13. Can we have pictures of rest of bosses or do we have to find them ourselves
  14. It was a joke, of course i inow what a miracle coin looks like Good grammar
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