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  1. Wolf is spelled with "o" not with "u"
  2. i would say aura of hatred or blood protection
  3. Jcbreff

    Astral Ways.

    You shouldn't get lost after completing it few times and have the way in discovered map tiles
  4. since we already have 8 of these and warspear has been on steam for quite a while maybe it's time for us to get rest of the classes in card form
  5. quest "blue flame" still says you need 5 pieces of blue moss and 7 fat spider's eyes when actually you only need 3 and 4 respectively
  6. Maybe they decided that it is harder to complete
  7. damagers team up and melt the boss's health bar
  8. i see no downsides if it can be turned off because then you wouldn't get spammed
  9. if it is particularly difficult quest or daily then the chances should be pretty high
  10. People know you have it tke same they know (atleast on emerald) and that is that you call out for people in world chat and most of the time someone answers because they are pretty much dailies
  11. Messaging someone who is offline sure could be good addition if you could turn it off
  12. Mini bosses and bosses unite people with same quests Technically anything that cannot be soloed brings players together eventually and quests with decent rewards do it better
  13. They can just mention them by name which is what everyone does I dont know how long messages you want to send to your guild members but for important announcements it should be long enough
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