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  1. indeed, how it's today dont work, i used 4/4 the only good thing was the effect work often in bosses but give less curracy and cooldown in pve is not effective. in pvp it's too slow the enemy can avoid easily, for gvg you have better skills like swoop army,thrashing,eagle eye. so they really need to change
  2. Curse of the Plague: it could be a pet that give physical damage and when he die create a zone removing cd from enemys
  3. Change of magical power in two-handed maces and spears For all two-handed maces and spears the value of magic power was increased by ~18%. Developer commentary: This type of weapon was not very popular among players, and therefore it was decided to update the indicators of magical power. We hope that this will allow classes based on this stat to use two-handed weapons more often and more effectively. what about two-handed sword & axe, i'm sure those kind of wapeon are also unpopular and yet they don't get any special buff example: two-handed sword now give 6% of speed
  4. many brb complain about berserk power animation and the duration, and skills like warden fortication & bd passive, paladin aura they work like berserk power so why devs dont touch in this skill ?
  5. when start test server, and that nerf in barb roar was because of the dmg reduction of all class ?
  6. I totally agree, they need work more the dmg variation of barbarian, if u try to make a barbarian dmg it just sucks, class die very fast, it's slow, dont have combo cause as u said shield strike work only with shield, and yeah too much dependece on stone skin where have the block combo just with a shield, so to fix this they need to let barbarian wield two axes to be a good dps and be a real barbarian, change shield strike to stun with any weapon, if necessary nerf stone skin to make those changes possibility and do that rework u said in last wish. about beserk power animation it's a emergence the change in animation i really fell shy walking around with it
  7. the only class that work with two-handed wapeons is paladin & dk
  8. the side effect you are talking is slowness right? if yes i agree the chieftain'fragility is very similitar to seekers in the past, i'm saying it cause i had a seeker, i know very well what is die easily and the buff that seekers recived is rightful
  9. give a stun for chieftain, rugged hide already sucks lasting only 12s no to mention is a active skill so you have to active it then you get a control abililty next you rugged hide end then you die miserably, the classe is good for gvg but for x1 & arena is fragile , like seekers was in the past. talking in seekers this classe has 3 control abilitys and chieftain has zero
  10. fix when removing someone from party that is inside of tower time keeps counting for others membres, this happen when this person that is inside left the game.
  11. could be also when warlock left the petrification gains a buff for 6s that reduce 40% of dmg recive
  12. shield stike: i think it's already good defeat: the aoe dmg just work with you own bleend, other friends bleend dont work, they could fix this berserk power: i dont like the animation above de character head, they could put a aura of rage last wish: add 1s more for each level developed, the main current probleam is whatever is 1/4 or 4/4 will last only 8s scream of fury: yes most brb already have 25% block so it's only used for penetration debuff, that idea of give a aoe dmg for a cust of lose hp really sound great it's tipic of a barbarian do such a thing
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