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  1. i used this ability 4/4 in test server and i think that didn't have much efect, paladin stay weak as a tank.
  2. i really would like that have a version for linux
  3. so these 2% will increase in each loss of health or will keep just 2% 😕
  4. damn, i should see these infromation before upskils in noob way. now a have to spend a lot of gold to buy a reset book. T-T
  5. why not any skill of control/defend for seeker, honestlly that new skiill would be better if have more yard, like 3,4 cause a lot of mcs use stun and stay away.
  6. so, spring will come next week ?? :?, and there will be server test??
  7. this player made all those insults because I killed the mobs that were attacking him, in a moment I offended him.
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