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2 things that must be nerfed from seeker


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first of all talent or expert skill combo that increases damage by 40%


if seeker talent makes his health 1.5k, then expert skill that works below 30% health should work at 30% health then from 450 health, because its impossible to fight them on pve damage (dps) at raid bosses, etc that talent + expert skill combo makes them broken. 

How mcs compete this? 

Hunters xbow hits 3.9 bow 3.3

seeker daggers 1.7 and their auto attacks higher with daggers than xbow hunters. 


2. T2 castle book.  Gives also 10% damage when your health is below 40%, and seekers talent making their hp 30% so 5 seeker party has this book permamently activated. 


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13 hours ago, mari setogaya said:

I don't think all seekers are full book, but I understand

That's the beauty of it, seekers don't need books to receive that 40%, any seeker has access to that 40% dmg talent. It's unfair that 1 dmg class has 40% dmg skill while other classes haven't, it should be either to every dmg class or none, or limit it to work at few seconds with on/off button and make few minute cd to there atleast. 40% dmg talent is stronger alone than expert skill itself

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I was too rough, sorry!
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