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  1. Ok so the wardens fortification sometimes randomly goes off sometimes (often in pvps vs wlocks/hunters) i have no idea if this is a bug or some skill frm them so just wanna write it down here if anyone knows anything about this its getting real annoying cuz it absolutely destroys me when it goes off without any reason
  2. Wuuzurd

    Abyss Guards

    So at ayvondil there are these new mobs called Abyss Guards - they are cool and all but the problem is that they are completely blocking some yellow quests at ayvondils first town.. i cant even kill them with my lvl 22 hunter i wuld be completely stuck there if i wuld not have high lvl shaman - so can they be moved to later towns of ayvondil and removed from first 2 towns completely ?Picture of Abyss Guards
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