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  1. xD rogues died to rangers and 1vs1 they maybe were strong, but if it was already group fights 2x2 3x3 5x5 gvg etc they were most useless characters cuz 0 aoe, pve rogues didnt have any dmg that increased their dmg for outdmg seekers, hunters, bds, rangers. only dmg buff was from stealth which worked for 1 skill or hit.
  2. Rogue now atleast can deal dmg at pve nd outdmg rangers or bds (maybe) but not seekers or hunters
  3. 2021 most useless character award goes to rogue. 2022 is for chieftain
  4. What kind of joke is this? You nerfing physical chieftain? only 10-20% play physical chief rest is magic.. They were only characters in mc side at arena + pvp who could burst fast and high damage like rangers,bds now chieftains became useless aoe nerfed tho...
  5. finished it no tank Its easy if you focus and know what to do easier than last horrors
  6. Broo Bd rush stuns longer than any other mc char, Templar ball breaking group up and doesnt let shaman healing totems heal their people, Priest can hit multiple enemies, druid stun, multiple aoe skills too, mage insane aoe also not gonna talk about paladin shield, totem, aoe stun, most of elf chars has good resistance buffs too so better dont tell that mc side aoe is stronger...
  7. Not selfish, rogues hit maximum 3k crit Hunters can 10k but xbow is slow, Chieftains can hit 15k+ but only w skills and have cooldown seeker just do few autos and win any boss
  8. can you disable theese talents for seekers? they overpowered atm 1,7 daggers speed 15k autos
  9. Ivoo


    when will hydra spirit return? or now avenger stay?
  10. Just wait 150% exp pot sale and lvl hunter simple
  11. W Pve buffs i agree rogue is only class without damage increase skills for example Look bladedancers, Seekers, Hunters, rangers everyone has atleast one or multiple increase Critical Damage, attack strenght, physical power etc, meanwhile other classes can hit 9-10k crits and even more rogue can hit 2k crits... it just need one dmg increase skill..
  12. @NolanAlright thank you mate! i hope that means more active guilds with active leaders and more intresting fights in Guild vs Guild battles.
  13. Im talking about problem which exist at almost every server and every side. Problem is unactive guilds (Dead guilds). Maybe Aigrind should restore old leadership change system, but with different duration, earlier it was 2 weeks which was probably low duration for guild leaders and members, also one of problem was that explorers had change to get leadership role either. Maybe should make duration 1 month, if leader dont want to lose leadership, then between one month its easy to login and avoid it. After 1 month unactivity should leadership go to one of active heirs to avoid dramas and problems. Leveling guild, guild skill, passive skills cost alot money and mostly its not leaders solo who upgrading them. Right now every server has like 50+ unactive guilds which are managed by heirs and probs leader loging max every 1 year or even dont play anymore...
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