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  1. Since last rebalance only made game worse for mc side, last rebalance alot mc classes got nerf, now globe adjusted for make elf side easier mc had no problems with this. you guys lost 2 raid boss and everyone wanted instantly nerf charmer, and you can check this by every server results, everywhere elf strongest now.
  2. Lets go, time to close my guild and play elf, return when game gets balanced again.
  3. Where is balance? Both of them have same stats but why bd should have 30% attack strenght as tank+ this skill should be changed to block or parry stats or increase dk damage. And then you are mad about charmers one relic?
  4. As i said u guys are unlucky that theese bosses this year dont have aoe dmg, maybe next years will be and fact what other guy just said Dogs can be killed but poison bleeding etc cant chief can too perma crit with aoe since high cd easily max rage etc. this relic works well as should do and only issue is wrong description. charmers deserve this relic because they cant have other parameters like Critical Damage, Most of buffs dont work at their dogs how is this balanced? why good parameters doesnt work for them? so firstly dont say they unbalanced for being good charmer you need good gears and alot money, same goes to every character. Why else rage armor 1m each, Relic itself 500k,Rings 1m, cloak amu 2m, Books about 10-15m Ye if all players would have working parameters i could agree with you if charmers able to get 30% critical damage from mermens, elm book etc it would be balanced then noone would care about this relic.
  5. Just change relic description and people have nothing to argue about its working like it should.
  6. But if relic been working for 2 years like this maybe its just supposed to be like this just description is wrong? everything can have wrong spellings etc, even costume portlas sorceress shouldnt it be portals like other costume? and why they should change relic which works for every class same way, i tested on hunter, my friend tested on bladedancer its just description written wrong. its probably meant to have such effects.
  7. Yeah aigrind just gotta fix it and change description as it should be "Character hitting critical hits with skill during rage buff" they made this relic and meant to work like this 2 years been working fine and now after few bosses you and your guild is so upset about this. just change description and nothing to argue more about :)
  8. Ivoo


    And you saw full buffed charmers hit max 3,5k per dog while some damagers can use 1,8 hitting daggers and hit higher crits etc. + i played charmer before i have friends playing charmer i can make u video that they dont have perma crit hits because you cant active at physical build rage that easily Low attack speed, Need spam alot of skills, While Rogue, Seeker, Blade dancer, Hunter, Chieftain can get with 7% rage charms perma rage if max speed. Just yeah its our server and our damagers aint playing good elf either mc side. You should be happy and enjoying it that elves aint getting stronger and doesnt play that well against us :) Instead of asking aigrind to nerf ur side characters, you should ask for buffs rogue, hunters and nerf elf side damage classes
  9. Ivoo


    its written charmer can play different styles (Mixed Damage), Bladedancers can build daggers hit 10k autos and use resist so boss dont stun, Rogues aint weak either i can send u clip how rogue hits 10k autos nd 12-15k crit w skills, same words to chieftains 10k autos and 15k crit with wolf its just all of theese kind damagers aint playing good this year and not skilled as in other servers there they focus 150% and use pots right time and prepare easily you saw even your guild charmers couldnt win its all about skill difference and focusing difference. if you said boss die too slowly then prepare ur guild harder unity w 60+ players
  10. Ivoo


    tbh wardens w full books can get insane attack strenght and actually outdmg some damagers
  11. Ivoo


    look bd at sections templar they can solo mermens dealing op damage why u worry about charmers then? u dont want both sides to be fair?
  12. Just suggestion to Moderators / Developers @Nolanand others idk names Just change the description to "The characters deals critical strike when the rage is activated" Because most bought this relic already expensive af and used it there is no need nerf or buffs.
  13. But defending was possible earlier too before updates? Phalanx owned Sea Turtle Castle for 1 year before losing it, How long YinYang own castle, Reborn owned t2 castle for 1 year and lost it after GvG builded phalanx members merged in low lvl guild with full war buffs. so earlier it was about tactics too.
  14. Nerf vamp relics, give octo / orci book limits and dont make them getting buffed with magic defence increasing relics, Make distortion book not work with relics and pots only with character main life steal.
  15. Why every server failed so far castle attacks? with full buffs etc?
  16. Tbh there is alot overpowered relic why we dont nerf icy relic of capactivity, terrible relic of vampirism etc why should relics buff disto book and vamp books?, magic def relics etc why they work w octo orcinus books? relics should just not affect passive books
  17. @Nolanthis is first example why castles should be nerfed because this was 60 pvp vs 60pvp and look how long gates fall and throne is unkillable
  18. Yeah as i said they should change description "Character deals critical strike with the skill when rage is activated" and its all good. because alot players built this relic and bought it expensive not worth to nerf or buff because every character dmg is fine if u compare charmers to other classes its eu emerald if phalanx doesnt win boss then forum is full of them
  19. why u want to nerf this relic for charmers and not for hunters bds? but yeah they should change the text on relic "Character deals critical strike with the skill when rage is activated"
  20. just telling that charmers are balanced and making normal dmg maybe less than dmg classes cuz they are tank / supports and 1 rage relic doesnt change anything
  21. QQ视频_e81bf0ed5f4ee54f255a8a0a4074dd1f1647857724.mp4 show me 1 charmer doing same please
  22. anyway if we talking about relics please let chief use vamp relics so we can use disto books ok hunter poison w same relic or bd bleeding
  23. so you are telling all servers who attacked castles didnt attack with full pvp?
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