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  1. In the way inactive player's names are freed up, could it be the same for inactive guilds ? More than 1300 guilds (in eu server) are at 0 guild points for many months, so it can be useful for devs to free space and for us to have cool guild names which have already been taken by these inactive guilds. I wish you a good day.
  2. Maybe if you just ask them if they want to tp to war with a pop up msg ?
  3. imagine being able to do mods with ws, sharing them, and add a religion mechanic in the mod :0
  4. So then, it's possible they are extremists like in real life ? I mean, shamans and priests could be... xD
  5. Man. Time for changes. We can't live in the past anymore.
  6. U destroyed my hope of new musics.
  7. By being locked bcz of some quests which needs parties. No one come. If you have to switch your Windows OS to another Os, which one it will be?
  8. Hello, I ask for new in-game musics. Would be cool if EPIC MUSIC is on when fight instead of what we actually have. Chill electro when afk or walking.... and even more deeper and weird music and songs for astral labyrinth and kronus labyrinth. Why not stressful music when u are in ennemies territories, and special music for any kind of events. Another good music for dungeons and it will be fine !!! What do u think about this? Ask for musics in comments
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