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  1. Hello, I ask for new in-game musics. Would be cool if EPIC MUSIC is on when fight instead of what we actually have. Chill electro when afk or walking.... and even more deeper and weird music and songs for astral labyrinth and kronus labyrinth. Why not stressful music when u are in ennemies territories, and special music for any kind of events. Another good music for dungeons and it will be fine !!! What do u think about this? Ask for musics in comments
  2. Hello, First of all, I would like to say this site is well-made, it's compatible with my old android browser (which is miraculous). All issues I write here have been encountered on this old android browser, which is on Android 4.0.3. I have two problems : the first one is when I try to upload huge text (no image or else, only text), it shows "saving..." but my text don't appear in the topic, even if I retry multiple times. The second one is about the creation of a topic : when I select Create a topic, it shows me the window where I can select the forum where
  3. So i think charmer is a weak class (based on ur opinion) ?
  4. nvm i was talking about the #neednewcontent
  5. What about if players will be able to create contents for WS ? It will avoid the lack of events, and don't make devs "worried" about finding new contents. Obviously, players make propositions and devs choose, just create a special discord or topic for this🤗. #neednewcontent (idk why i wrote this phrase)
  6. what about forcing ppl to play on a certain side depending of the population of each side when they create new char ?
  7. Depend of what is inside. And the number of O2 moleculs in air. Cut the head of your mother or cut the balls of ur father (with his dck)?
  8. xD i agree. I can't buy a lvl18 shield for 88888 gold, too cheap.... :(
  9. I play Warspear since march 2020, and i discovered it by searching on google best mmorpg old android. What's the best gift u can do to your wife/ girlfriend ? : D
  10. That is just a simple question : are the developpers Of Warspear reading the English Forum (=International), or they don't care ?
  11. Well, devs are russian so I think they just are too lazy to use google translator to translate english to russian :D
  12. And have a good guild....
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