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  1. Instead of tapping 1 slot and scrolling left/right through 100 different items (in some cases), the interface could be the same as adding an item in a hotkey slot as you've implemented already. Just tap the 1/5 slot on trade, the menu of your bag opens, tap the item you want to trade, then the quantity interface for stack size opens, after selecting the number of piece(s), you repeat and continue to next item or finish trade just as before.
  2. Just Pm Zeus or any other merc "heir", they decide the ranks of arena, not whomever can actually fight for them, great way to design the system AiGrind. Everyone complains but nothing is ever done about the rigging of ranks. Post your screenshots here showing a time when Merc/Sith/other has told you, you can't do arena, a function *every* player has available to them, because "ranks are already decided". Add a ducking matchmaking system already, fix arena, or just get rid of it altogether if you can't get it right.
  3. Can you SERIOUSLY not fix the low graphic emojis on $1000 phones? Test server had HD emojis. It looks like I'm using a nokia sh**box... Galaxy S9+ shouldn't look this awful.
  4. Why are there no exp pots for instant exp now? Some of us have characters we want to test with the proper level of skills/equipment. 😒
  5. Imagine running out of ideas and going to a famous unmentioned trio of Blizzard games for more... lol
  6. It's not just "according to me", there are plenty of forum posts/emails/players speaking out in-game and in other social spaces about this. The purpose, is for anyone who ISN'T apart of the "inner circle" so-to-speak, to be heard, and for something to finally be done about it. Why should players have to lose 1000s of fights just to get enough imperials for 1 piece of armor? Or the same thing for arena points? And I'm not even referring to myself on that. What about EULA, when multiple people use the same character with full greatness, to spam arena literally 24 hours a day? Those players are s
  7. No need for namecalling but yet every other issue i addressed was completely ignored, gg 🤧
  8. Miss you in sapphire. Anon forever

  9. _Sasukexxx_


    Both are gay and cheat so both lose
  10. Ban my account. Don't care. The developers are literally ******** for the fact they refuse to stop the rigging of arena, specifically 5v5, every top guild does it. It's impossible for anyone who isn't a member to gain imperials, and even then it's highly unlikely unless you get lucky and join a party or they need a slave body to use. 1 person versus 9 others whom are all together? That's ridiculous. But you don't care as long as you get money right? **100s of players** report those who share accounts, multibox, bot, and every other cheating way yet NOTHING is done about it. Even when proof is
  11. I'll never forget the old Anon days. Especially when we used to farm lab
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