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  1. I'll never forget the old Anon days. Especially when we used to farm lab
  2. Thx guys I'll do a bit more when i get a better editing app, just brainstorming a few revised costumes when bored.
  3. Not really, it just implement's the ability to wear your coolest armor sets without losing stats. Must you always comment on my forum posts?
  4. More costumes = Less of a chance you'll look like another player, cuz who wants to see 1000s of the same sprite every day?
  5. It's called F2P game adding decorative content. They just added new craft, and every event there is new gear. Obviously you haven't played long enough to remember all the unique gears/items you just dont see anymore..
  6. Read posts better before you reply, i said u add gear, not pre-existing costumes
  7. No. Just no. Unless rogue's have 4 arms now, and can hold 2 bows and then draw 2 strings. Common sense..
  8. CC Costumes with "Equipping" paramater, similar to the CC armor. Invisibility pots in mshop. Lifesteal pots in mshop. And finally... Custom Costumes. deposit armor pieces to a special interface, say for example a set of Divine Defense/Lab cape, with Sated Troll's Mask. An option to name the costume, filters for profanity of course, you pay X amount of gold/mcoins, the items are destroyed, and you get the costume in your bag. Boom.
  9. Maybe you shouldn't stare at the forum. It'll make it seem longer. And nothing is free, so why complain because you cant purchase the smileys.
  10. They wont give free signs & dmg, it's intended for the player to make himself stronger.
  11. Doesnt make u funny, and this isnt a post about players, its about an idea, take your pvpgay topics to another page, he's outdated, and average. (If his character even still existed(
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