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  1. I'm jess and yeah, I was using buffs :b no reason to argue about it. Have a nice night everyone
  2. Actually I'm not "trying to look pro", he asked me to do this.
  3. Nami

    Mcoins bug

    Dont think so, I'm pretty sure I didn't buy anything but a teleport scroll until I took these screen shots, which is why I said check it. I might be mistaken, no need for rude replies
  4. Nami

    Mcoins bug

    Hey I haven't received my full purchase of mcoins, (2$) as you can see (in the ss below) That i got 5490 And i bought a tele but i only had 5290 Please fix Check and see i didnt buy anything else. Please fix this bug Thank You
  5. Yeah, it was a lot of fun until magic update came
  6. Thanks death turtle and poley, but my shaman is so outdated
  7. It might be just a game to you, but people do spend a lot of money on it. So you can quit saying that.
  8. He doesn't show it, because he doesn't want your little friend to steal it xD he will show it when roland is here
  9. I know this whole thing is a mess, but I'm positive he created the account. With all due respect to you, turtle has proof that he is the original creator.
  10. Roland, Dermak said his barb Bacca was hacked at level 10. Turtle has a screen shot of it as a level 2, like he said earlier.
  11. Give it up. You can't take an account that is not yours. What proof do you have? You said "your" barb (bacca) got hacked at level 10. Why is it Turtle showed me a screen shot of Bacca as a level 2?
  12. No, he didn't. And also no, you aren't the creator. Turtle is. I helped him level Bacca.
  13. There you go everyone, proof he is the original account creator.
  14. I honestly dont know why his account was blocked. I helped turtle level both his barb and shaman from level 1. Obviously he did not buy his account and its pretty disappointing how he isnt even able to get a reason as to why his account was blocked.
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