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  1. This is related to activities like in dungeons (boss stage) in which you are always in battle mode.
  2. 90days after deletion, unless there is special event to restore the ones deleted few years back.
  3. Hello 😃 you need 12 approved posts to change profile picture
  4. Well, this is pretty much the issue i was facing too. Even with 125 energy regen and 207 energy, they couldn't cover energy consumption of those 3 skills. Then i made solar 1/4, so i just use exacerbation and mermen set skill for now. By that, with 102 energy regen normally can still cover the consumptions. ^^
  5. For pvp it is bd, warden is mainly for pve.
  6. There are alot inactive low level characters below lv3 which took good names and filled spaces of population. Any idea of when there be cleaning again for these? @[email protected]
  7. Hello, you missed the application period which was open since September 17th until 20th. The topic regarding it is on Announcement section of Russian forum.
  8. You have mediated it well higgs ^^ Anyway let the juries of contest score the video aspects. Appreciate people if you want to be appreciated. All the contestants have done their hardworks for the contest entry. Good Luck for all and have a nice day!
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