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  1. ok i understand. so i cant restore my char now?
  2. I deleted my char few months ago June 30. Its been more than 90 days exactly i guess because few days ago i was able to view my char on restore option it was still there on the account. Now after a week i check it the char is gone. Cant be seen in acct's restore menu. I was about to restore it very soon but today when i checked its gone. Is there any way i could restore it? in the restore dialog it says character may be restored within next 90 days with diff name. no achievements /ratings/guild. so does that mean after 90 days it will go under permanent deletion? i was
  3. Lmao didn't realised it until you said it. Lol didn't expected my costume would end up in a meme xd
  4. This is a suit called " Servant of the Dark" Made of fine copper material on the top , the whole body is covered with a silicon material refined from various monsters of arinar. It is rumoured that the crystal on the waist (which is created by few unknown dark sorcerers) was once worn by God nuadu. Name: Webdriver Eu-Emerald
  5. Yeah have poison 4/4 now .... i dont really see much of a diff maybe i think due to my less accuracy and not having enough crit acc stats is the reason why i might be lacking behind in dmg. Not sure though
  6. No, when it comes to dmg dealt every class as a dmger has to spam there given skills in order to maximise their dmg. It is not like warlock has to touch screen alot of times than a rogue. Ask a lvl 28 rogue , rogues skills also requires as much of pressing of the skills as of warlocks. And its the same with hunter, ranger, mage, seeker. There is no shortcut
  7. yes, i have extermination 4/4 already .... want to know which is another expert skill worth spending points on for 4/4 in order to maximise dmg output... have 4/4 extermination along with 4/4 ricochet but not seeing the result like i said other rogues with similar dmg as me are able to deal more dmg than me... am unable to figure out which other expert skill it is along with 4/4 extermination which goes hand in hand to maximise the dmg.
  8. Even with enough dmg of 1k am getting outnumbered by other rogue's dmg in my party who are having similar dmg like me or lower dmg than me. Any specific expert skillbuild for complete dmg? Thanks
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