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Berengar's six shadows


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If someone needs to do quest Berengar's six shadows let write your nickname and class here  :friends: the day and hour we will determine later ;)



Williamo - Deathknight

Lordxx - Shaman

docktor  - Barbarian

Wyatt - Shaman

Wyaatt - Barbarian

Brisign -Warlock

shadrin  - Necromancer

Nidian- Barbarian

Rynoin - Deathknight

Forgottens - Deathknight

Necrov - Necromancer


Fliptop - Deathknight

yuyees - ????


Chronnosbr - deathkinght


behoninjaa - ranger

Tsja - druid






Nekrofil - Necromancer - done

Dedalo - Deathknight - done

Tarcza - barbarian - done

Antique - Warlock - done


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:facepalm: :facepalm: what server again?


Warspear Online Community » International » General » EU-Emerald (Moderators: Mioco, Smurfer) » Berengar's six shadows





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yesterday there were 4-5 partys of mcs at shadows  :diablo:

i think most new ppl done now  :blush:


Why u didnt wrote about it anything?  :cray: i would help  :cray:

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