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  1. Omg are you joking? Why cc items costs 1808 cc? Wt*....I hope its a bug...or if it isn't this mean who I must do all days for all year relic quests for collect 1830 cc and finally i will can buy 1 item.
  2. Guys did still exist the chat of Warspear? I cant find the link pls answer
  3. Yea I know this, but If U don't want pass your gold to your other character, before park your both character near market, after put your item in market and write a low price how 100 gold, after this log-in fast with other character and buy that items. I did this many times. You can do this with gold too..if one your character have many gold and you want pass it to your other character, put in market any item ( is better if item is a trophy from monster or something else who don't have value) and write the price so the gold who you want to pass..for example if you need 6k, with one character you can put one sphere of defence in market for the price of 6k or 6500 gold because after market get some gold. So log with other character and buy it. Now you must wait only for mail with your gold ;)
  4. Raptoid

    "Hack" sities.

    There aren't any hacks or cheats, or if they exist only Gm know them. If somebody will create hack, it will be hack speed or attack speed or something else but never gold or miracle coins hack. And if somebody promise to get you a gold with hack or cheat don't believe them..in all mmorpg, some noobs create a hack for get free gold but you must write your account and password..it's a fake hack for steal your account. So don't believe at some sites or players :)
  5. But if you think about it, why spend 49 mcs to resuscitate, and have life at 5%? They had to do that when you resurrect in place you have a full life. So it is not right and I can't understand this :o
  6. Now the problem is other. When I try to install say: update error
  7. Oh well all labirinth items when you equip them, they become personal and after you can't sell or exchange them. Another idea, given the ability to move objects in the bag
  8. Please in next update solve the cross bugs in Nokia. Every ten minutes at least when I cross the game crashes. Do something :(
  9. Please make sure that in the home screen you can save multiple accounts without any time to retype the password and account. It would be really convenient
  10. Dear Kuzmitch, the new version for symbian can't be installed because the file is damaged. Please do something because I have deleted the old 2.10 file. Thanks
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