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improvements for charmer in pvm

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I play charmer on server tourmaline, I currently have some lvl 26 + 10 improved craft items, and even then I still do not see the charmer being a good support or dmg for a dungeon,
It's really sad that you have to listen to the same question every day, '' What do you do in a group? ''

and in the end I can not say the answer to the right, because the dmg is not equivalent to that of a dmg class, and its usefulness as a support is not as good as that of a shaman or necromancer.

so I've come up with a few tweaks on the charmer's current skills targeting just the pve, and team fights, like guild castles.

dark prism- if the charmer or his party members are attacked by enemies, there is a chance that dark prism will fail on them too. (it would be the same effect as harad's tear, this would help a lot in dungeons like TP, garden, kronus, tree, and would also be very useful in team fights, for example guild battles).

call- The wolf of darkness is a somewhat random skill, sometimes it is well used, but most of the time it is an inutiu ability, both for his lowly life, so much for his phallus to attack any target.
the evocation form of the wolf of darkness would change, from throwing it into an area for over a player.
 summon to wolf of the darkness in the character our an ally for x seconds. the wolf deal a physical damage to the enemy, would work the same way as the bird of the night,
and now the wolf of darkness applies area damage around the enemy he is attacking every 3 attacks,
also the basic attributes of the wolf would be improved to match the attributes of the charmer, defense, life, of the charmer would be applied in a certain% to the wolf, so it would be more used in team fights like castles of guilds,

for example my charmer has 5000 life points, my 5/5 call would have 3500 or more life, around 75% of the life of the charmer, with 5/5 ability the same would apply to damage, and resistance of the wolf .

battle cure - I do not see this ability as a good time cure, but her total healing is really very low, it would be really interesting to increase the amount of healing it instantly provides, for at least 60% more of the current value, I I have 669 magical damage, lvl 27 and i heal only 468 i should heal at least 700+ instantly, and 289 per time, it's really a negligible value when the monsters deal 700 or more damage in the tanks,

otherworldly blessing- is a good ability to support, however the charmer can only use this ability in itself, it would be interesting if the charmer could conjure this ability on allies.

otherwordly fire- of an animation to this ability, it is really strange to see stones falling without you having made any movement: D

eye of the darkness - this is a great ability to support, however its duration is very short, could increase the duration of this skill by about 40 or 50%, so it would make it much easier to attack or buff the team.

chaos help - really the best charmer skill for pve, much used for both damage and healing, however, the bird's life is very low, and on top of that he needs to get melee to attack, improvement for him would be simple, life-enhancing, based on the life of the charmer, and the bird of the night, would attack at a distance, about 3 or 4 meters, thus preventing him from dying fast for attacks in area
energy manipulation - really a poor skill, both for pve and pvp, it is of no use, the amount of mana absorbed is insignificant, and on top of that it does not work in a boss, it would be good if it were a passive skill, Each ATK has a chance to absorb energy from the enemy.


also thought of a new skill that would be very useful in pve and team fights, besides that it would value the use of magically damaged apples,

sanctuary outcast,

the charmer creates a magical area around it, causing physical damage to enemies and healing allies,
the damage is based on the physical power of the character, and healing on magical power.

the area of the skill would be the same as that of the necromancer, and would be a skill in the activation, you active and it consumes mana periodically, making its effect permanent until you deactivate or finish your mana.


I hope you understand, because I am not fluent in English, and I used google translator to translate the text, I hope some adm, or gm look and read and see that charmer is really a class that needs improvement to the pvm


regards Rhaast, charmer lvl 27 sever br-tourmaline:happiness-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

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I have read the whole text. For sure, you got some of the mechanics of a Charmer, and that's great to see. Just some things I didn't agree:


Call: This skill depends already a lot on the physical damage, and since a charmer has got a lot of stuns, giving the dog more buffs would result on it being too op. On the other hand, It is true that its hps are low, if you use the dog in PvP or anywhere else: an enemy with ferocity oneshots it and heals something like 600 hps if it has enough life steal. I'd increase the dog's hps depending also to the level of the charmer ( and not his hps. It would be cool, i know, but too op xD )

Same story for the Bird's hps


Warrior Healing: the health ammount is low, I know, but you must also keep in mind that in PvP, a charmer would be way stronger than it is already now. For now, I think that this skill can work good enough even without buffs. Got told also that some players can solo heal even during quests and bosses, as charmers. In my opinion, this class is just a lot understimated in PvE. That's it.


Energy Manipulation: for the current skills' setup, this is maybe the weakest skill. It does not give a reason to increase it in Points Matters. Making it a Passive skill might be very interesting, instead. Make it work with x Chances of success.


The new skill you suggested is way too op to keep it with the Energy consumption system. It would be a non stop heal. Definitly too op. If you change this system with a normal one ( mana cost - skill casting ) then it can be really nice, for the way, you explained, it works. 




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Charmer can already be an awesome addition to the party (can replace shaman), you just need to use the following build:



Staff user with as much magic as possible.



weakness 5

warrior healing 5

dark prism 3


Expert skills:

Bird 4

Otherwordly fire 4 or Eye of darkness 4

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I agree with Higgings, if u buff the heal amount of Warior healing or dog hp it will be so OP in pvp,


But I see some problem with the bird, sometimes the bird die before the skills up, and your party will get panic of that and die at the end:D, so ppl rather pick necro or shaman for safe. Ofc Since ur basic heal very low . And if u use staff , u will make 2 best skill on charmer useless,, the only thing that  deal dmg is dark prism, otherworly fire n the bird,, ( FYI 4/4 bird deal only 5 or 6 tick as long as I can remember). it will be nice if energy manipulation work like dragon eyes mage cz with that, u can activate knowledge of the dead man as often as possible. Cz at 1/4 energy manipulation really doesn't add any energy, ducking useless. I think charmer lack of dmg skills to overcome both rogue and Hunter or even lock,, Or the simple way to make charmer good at pve is to adding aggro skill or just adjusting energy manipulation become aggro skill:D

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Which weapon that we need to amp first to spam hero techno, staff, magic mace, or ohs mace? Since i dnt have much money.. 


Once again, when u spam techno dg , if u use staff , r u still need 2 healer or one healer only alongside u ? Since charmer not purely a healer

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On 11/10/2017 at 11:07 PM, Charmerzz said:

Qual arma que precisamos para amplificar primeiro para o tecnólogo de herói de spam, equipe, maza mágica ou maça de ohs? Como eu não tenho muito dinheiro ... 


Mais uma vez, quando você usa spam techno dg, se você usa funcionários, ru ainda precisa de 2 curandeiros ou um curador apenas ao seu lado? Uma vez que o encantador não é apenas um curandeiro

Well I like magic mace, because I have damage in all skills, and you need a necro and shaman, you do not heal much and shaman has excellent defense buff, and necro widens pt damage.

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In my opinion a charmer could replace one of those classes. People solo tech with either a sham or a necro, so I don't get why couldn't they with a Necro + Charm OR a Charm + Sham. It is just about trying.

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