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  1. I agree with Higgings, if u buff the heal amount of Warior healing or dog hp it will be so OP in pvp, But I see some problem with the bird, sometimes the bird die before the skills up, and your party will get panic of that and die at the end:D, so ppl rather pick necro or shaman for safe. Ofc Since ur basic heal very low . And if u use staff , u will make 2 best skill on charmer useless,, the only thing that deal dmg is dark prism, otherworly fire n the bird,, ( FYI 4/4 bird deal only 5 or 6 tick as long as I can remember). it will be nice if energy manipulation work like dragon eyes mage cz with that, u can activate knowledge of the dead man as often as possible. Cz at 1/4 energy manipulation really doesn't add any energy, ducking useless. I think charmer lack of dmg skills to overcome both rogue and Hunter or even lock,, Or the simple way to make charmer good at pve is to adding aggro skill or just adjusting energy manipulation become aggro skill:D
  2. why just hope? Go quit, nobody gonna Miss u, u not hassn. LOL
  3. Who's crying right now? Just close this topic, there's always ppl cry when their classes got Nerf and buff. This is never ending topic.. u just mad cz u cant kill every ppl even if u already spend ur money(all +10)
  4. U think that this game always 1v1 pvp only?? And u always complain about some classes that u couldn't kill? Play charmer and u know how hard charmer get pt in pve,, but bds ? They can replace any classes . If u hate bladedancer, just duckin stop playing that, play other classes or another game bruhhhh... There's always topic like this,, ppl complaining that theres op classes,
  5. No , Aggro on charmer skill? It's like no point use heavy armor , shield , and mace? Since mace doesn't do much dmg,, or this just for soloing the boss with so many minion around you? And I doubt that charmer new skill doesn't heal much since charmer can use heavy armor,
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