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  1. Since theres a dmg area in dg 28 ( the floor that causing a huge dmg) , i think its very hard for charmer to be a healer, since the bird can die easily and it has long cooldown to reuse that skill . and again its hard to find a pt who need charmer espcially for dg ,, please give charmer pve skill:(
  2. It will be nice if adding some skill that rely on phys dmg ,, but all of that is good,, taunt support skill,, sounds new, n warspear need like that skillxd
  3. , but charmer already has a passive skill,, still there are classes that havent passive for now ,, but its sounds good
  4. Ya it doesnt deal dmg n doesnt give u almost anything at 1/4 ,, its just skill that shows u a lightning animation,, so goodluck
  5. Ya its good for soloing boss or hunt, but can be very complicated as a tank in dgs, espescially techno dg, almost cant.. Charmer has 3 heals skill btw xD, otherwordly blessing counted as a healing skill since it incerase ur hp, Still looking foward for this class, hoping get new aggro skill
  6. I have 400+ mdmg but nobody inv me to spamming dg, i have 4/4 bird n 5/5/heal but still useless for spamming like techno dg since the heal low and bird could die easily if getting touch by mobs. Whyy???? Charmer good only at pvp:( But many ppl seems they useless in pve pt
  7. Which weapon that we need to amp first to spam hero techno, staff, magic mace, or ohs mace? Since i dnt have much money.. Once again, when u spam techno dg , if u use staff , r u still need 2 healer or one healer only alongside u ? Since charmer not purely a healer
  8. Hey i really got a serius problem,, My old account just replace with the new one, , here the story My old account only connect with facebook. I havent assign that email yet , and then i make a new account but suddenly i just missclicked to connect facebook , then it replaced the old one,,, Now when i log in with facebook it direct to new account Can u help me to get my old account back
  9. Wow,,, Using mace but reach 500mdmg,, is it affected by guild buff bro?
  10. If we play in two different phone but with the same account will lead in to ban? Since my i cant turn on my phone but the account stil stuck in there
  11. Cz hes bad when 5x5 or even 3v3
  12. Dont listen to this kids , he just cried cz his + 10 bd cant kill on 1v1 ,
  13. Theres no build better than other build, charmer can use both staff n mace so why dont u use it dpends on what ur party need,, just build ur skill all around build,, Ya,it right,, today i became solo healer for 90-200k also pterik , and i just have 411 mdmg:)
  14. Hmmm , i have charmer lvl 24 now and i know how the problem that charmer deal with, charmer sucks in party,, so whats the point to take charmer in pt,, chamer xan be supportive n has heal, but the heal amount is not big enough, ppl will take necro(who has many buffs than charmer) n shaman (who has totem anyway) and its going well long before charmer came out even till now, charmer has pet that can deal dmg, ya its cool, but ranger and rogue was so amazing, and charmer cant aggro,so what is the point using shield anyway or even heavyarmor, and charmer cant use 2 h weapon:( , the only good on charmer is PvP n soloing somthin .. Theres no point to make charmer these days , but if u want to go hunt, farm or having fun its absolutely good. Thats my opinion, sorry no offend higgings
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