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This post will be the place for all my videos about Warspear in my youtube channel.

So, feel free to discuss anything or suggest me anything about the game here.

Hope you enjoy guys, "Just give thumbup if you like, and thumbdown if you dislike. :)

Don't forget to subscribe too....

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1 hour ago, Sandeep Sandhu said:

can anyone tell how that much hp(100k) of boss is loosing.........


bug from terrible relic of life weakness (losing 10% hp when using skill).


got fixed, was meant for pvp. in pve max dmg 1500 now.

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Hello there noobs, I'm sorry I didn't post anything in last few months. 

I'm busy irl, hehe..

Yeah, now I can play WS again since Helloween event began.

As my guildmembers said to me, this event much better than before, aaanndddd.... I linked this video in case we need active members to join Ambassador.

So welcome for noobs if you all want join us. (lv 20+) Or you just wanna see my youtube channel, it's okay. 

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