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  1. I like the skill it's quite good since the change with Satu (short duration kinda blows with 10% hp) I'm a bit conflicted on what skill build to make now but I'd say maybe blood max and hurricane/ reserves(haven't tested the new version yet) but I used sharp and blood in arena kinda cool since resist came out stun stun cycles can be broken at the end of the day its all your choice man unless there is some better build then this
  2. I don't think it would change much if u put it 0 afk is gana stay afk (-_-')
  3. How much stun time is shocking stroke at 5/5?
  4. What's going on today so many new players at 1st towns at both fractions lmao
  5. Yeah blame the tanks if rogues go and jump far to next mobs how even if the tank has 5/5 agro BTW I forgot I mentioned earlier that tanks can fly what a beautiful day so tanks are A ok
  6. I use the deff relic on my DS I won't take stone skin cause it only 50% damage reduce for one hit so the deff I think would be better and I replaced my stun relic which was great with the relic that drains 10% HP that was before it got neff lol exhal I got CD I'm not sure if it's just for that one skill or all skills. I also got a small retribution relic on my thorns and small silince relic on pull and physical damage on the taunt. That's all I got for now lol
  7. Fact #121 no offence but everybody thinks their guild is the best
  8. lol so that means it's the Wedgehead event not vlademar
  9. Why does everyone think the ghost must be killed by the statue where does it say that lmao
  10. Yeah I'm still unsure if that relic works that retribution I have a small one lol
  11. Fact #109: Never ask for a tank on wc to tank elm cause his resists all negative buffs ask a tank for mobs not for elm
  12. lol he actually kept the balance in numbers between me and elf now elf is increasing more than mc lol
  13. All about team work but team rushes cause they wana one Stam it and then they run ahead of the tank and then when they in trouble and tank can't reach who do they blame yes blame the tank his noob because the tank is like superman and can fly to them when they in danger yet where is the teamwork
  14. Pariah I don't really take lol that has pens in and 2.5% is not really much so I'll take sky then ty for advice
  15. What do you think of this build for pve http://ws-db.ru/calculator#8677 Not impossible for me cause I got most of the gear already just the techno gear belt and amulet and the amping And some vamp runes
  16. And techno sword it has parry too and has best damage at +10 for swords so far
  17. Yeah was just checking the calculator only crafted mace goes over 500 damage sword And axe and mace all end in 400s excluding crafted and new 26 axe horror in term of 1 handed xd
  18. You said swords is the ideal weapon is it because of attack speed or something ? Cause I might need a new pve weapon soon
  19. Maybe it will evolve into a skill tree such as dragon age lmao
  20. zombie is not always 3 one time my pt had to kill 5
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