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  1. The upside, you can watch many re-seller crying in game.
  2. That broken long time ago..plus fero flipping nonsense.
  3. The class will be broken in pve if can use 2h magic mace. High heal high dmg dog. nope.
  4. lvl crafting would make you go bankrupt.
  5. Drop rate fine.. if increase drop rate, idk how many will camp each boss map1&2. boss cant even live for 5 minutes.
  6. I craft ring lvl 10 (blue) n disassemble. I just lvl up craft not find essense, but I do get it, common essen. Composite essen usually from armor.
  7. LOL. you seems hate to walk even in game.
  8. you can get from ring.
  9. Asif


    Only elf can go to that side. u r unlucky.
  10. Asif


    Maybe you were using usign, just be glad it didnt break.
  11. There will be no tough boss if that much mcoin dropped.
  12. bug from terrible relic of life weakness (losing 10% hp when using skill). got fixed, was meant for pvp. in pve max dmg 1500 now.
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