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A somewhat non game breaking suggestion regarding the secret reserve skill of dk.


Upon skill activation a aoe debuff occurs along with the hp regen so as to provide a little safety net for the death knight since he/she is almost already dead.


I have had several ideas in mind for the debuff here are some of them... Mind that these are already skills in game (my main objective is just to secure the dk a bit once secret reserve is active because the defence increase is quite insignificant because of the dmg reduction % :) )


-> Aoe nightmare (forest song)

-> Aoe damage reduction (roar)

-> Hp lock (no dmg can be taken in these 1-4 seconds *might seem op so don't mind this one if it is so*)

-> Aoe mob dps decrease

-> Aoe position lock (druid root pool)


If anyone wants to add any more suggestions or argue with the fact that reserve is good enough as it is (no it isnt i die before the regen ticks once) please do so, i hope Daria notices the post, thanks.

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Since reserve is a last resort.. I see nothing wrong with a stun prior to dying

Stun. Yes another good option. Dk is a stunning machine already. XD. Soon should be the expert skill release. Let's hope that sonething changes... even in elf side..... -_-

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I thought dk is perfect the way they is. Good at PvP and pve.. Now new support skill buff dmg. That's cool.

Sum it up: Can pull, 2 stun, silent, omg the shield skill is awesome, new buff skill...

I can go on and do the same for other classes. I had a dk but delete him because the lack of help on mc side lol.

This all my opinions

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