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Solo rides


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Hello development team, I want to play a game... Solo rides, to be specific. If I could trouble you for a bit of your time, I would like to request a check-up on rewards for them. On average, we earn about 33 points in group ride "Night Riders".



However, she and I can each only earn a maximum of 6 tokens in the solo Night Rider ride, for the same amount of kills that give us 33+ tokens in the group ride. Actually, even if we get significantly less kills, we still earn 6 tokens or so. Is it some kind of bug, or am I severely misunderstanding how tokens are earned?


While we're on the subject, for the pumpkin solo ride, while the achievement is for 13 tokens earned, the maximum I have earned is 3. Was I doing it wrong, or is it impossible to earn 13 tokens in a single ride?


Sorry for being such a pain, but a simple screenshot of these 2 completed achievements would be more than satisfactory. Thanks for reading.

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Ya, mecha... my guild leader and my friend (2 players in pt) get average amount of 35-40 tokens per run in group for night rider. While when do it solo, only get 5 max... Maybe it's the natural thing made by aigrind

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is it possible to achieve 1k token with these kind of rewards

Yes, a guildmate has already achieved 10k Tokens and is going for 7k Tokens costume now :)

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Maybe this kind of rewarding is intended, tho I think it's not really, don't forget that this amusement park thing is pretty new. Some mistakes may be still included.

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Pumpkin ride real hard for casters I can reach 700 magic with spheres but still not got to kill 3 :cray:

Night rider solo I kill alone 15 in one ride still 6 tokens reward  :cray:

But night rider party I got maximum 38 tokens so I am gonna put all my money on that :dirol:

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