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  1. Noticed in recent update there's no exit button on the logon screen....with ur activity screen set to full screen overlay in code behind, users on devices with on-screen navigation/UI keys like that of my Lg G3 gets hidden by default, wont be a problem for devices with physical navigation/ UI keys but hey u guys need to consider us as well.
  2. Game won't launch on lg G3 android version 6.0 it jxt stays on black screen forever Update: Per 6.0 permission system i enabled all permission and it worked...but errm why do u need contact and telephony permission
  3. we dnt need anymore roots for druids we need something more concrete
  4. xbabaroix

    Solo rides

    no doubt abt that
  5. xbabaroix

    Solo rides

    is it possible to achieve 1k token with these kind of rewards
  6. hehe...all he's trying to say is latest .exe's are compiled to run on newer cpus with sse2 instructions and on de other hand trying to plead to developers to consider older cpus without sse2 instructions so that his legendary xp can play warspear
  7. i doubt he would have reported had transaction gone through successfull....cos i wont either
  8. First of all am aware characters cant be transfered from one server to the other or deleted characters be restored etc. However is it possible to transfer a character from one account to another account on the same server and same realm e.g. //////////////// BEFORE TRANSFER\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ACC -1 ----> BD, Druid } same server, same realm ACC -2 ----> Priest from scenario above, can BD be transferred from ACC -1 to ACC -2 e.g. //////////////// AFTER TRANSFER \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ACC - 1 ----> Druid } same server, same realm ACC -2 -----> Priest, BD I think its possible but will demand database transaction
  9. how about adding something like (Old player) achievement which automatically awards players whom has been playing consistently for at least 3yrs and above, and characters must be high enough and this shouldn't be a problem at all....am sure most old players would cherish this achievement
  10. Dank je - thank you (informal) Dank u - thank you (formal) Bedankt - thank you (no distinction) Dank je/u wel - thanks a lot
  11. awaiting what ever transpire from this drama
  12. fights everywhere...dis is sick....now evryone wants to prove a point in towns
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