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Display chat input over heads of players / XP Drops from monsters

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Right, I like this game a lot but the main 2 problems for me that this game lacks are the chat system and the xp gains.



It's almost impossible to chat with people near me, because there's no speech bubble that appears over my head, like in most MMORPGs. So, when you type a message, you should make it appear over the players head so it's easier to get the attention of the other player. Since the world chat moves so fast I can't read what the other player has said very well either. I just think it'd be a nice adjustment to the game.




The xp system. You have to quest to gain xp, and you gain no xp from monsters. I think you should change that, so you gain xp from killing a monster. Now I understand that some people want to stay at a certain level, that's why you should add a feature to turn on and off the xp gains. Trust me, a lot of people would just prefer to grind mobs than quest. That way you can get more players because in every MMORPG there's players who just grind, then you get the questers. Not everyone's a quester. I'm certainly not. That's why I find it hard to play this game for long periods of time.


I've been playing mmorpgs for 10 years now, and this the only game I've encountered without these two features I've mentioned. I really hope you take this into consideration because It'd make a lot of players happy. Let's just see how this thread goes. 


But other than that, you've done a fantastic job on this game. I'd be more than happy to spend my hard earned money if the game had these features. Thanks!

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Who wanted to level would just take a high level player with him and just spam killing mobs , then ending story would be useless to him. Secondly , bubble would be just for those in area chat right , well not much necessary , imagine what would happen during war , unable to see what happening behind because of bubbles everywhere .

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1) Because of the 2d nature of the game, speech bubbles would take too much space from the game viewport. So, I disagree.


2) If mobs gave exp, there would be too much bots in the game. And believe me, its incredibly easy to program a bot to keep killing one mob over and over without being detected by the game. Another problem this would introduce is too many players fighting to kill the same mob.

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