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  1. Puppeteer class: you can summon a puppet that will fight for you that you can control or it can just follow you around and you can upgrade your puppet like its a weapon, instead of a sword. Shapeshifter class: You can shapeshift into different animals/monsters that have different abilities for a certain amount of time. Engineer class: You can create temporary turrets and use guns, obviously not modern guns but your own version. Illusionist class: You can create illusions and clones of yourself to fool monsters and players, the clones can also help you in battle but have low
  2. for all the people who like real memes and not the old crap
  3. Right, I like this game a lot but the main 2 problems for me that this game lacks are the chat system and the xp gains. It's almost impossible to chat with people near me, because there's no speech bubble that appears over my head, like in most MMORPGs. So, when you type a message, you should make it appear over the players head so it's easier to get the attention of the other player. Since the world chat moves so fast I can't read what the other player has said very well either. I just think it'd be a nice adjustment to the game. Secondly, The xp system. You have to quest to ga
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