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[2024.04.01] Warspear Online Update 12.3.104. Celebration of Balance. Announcement.

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The never-ending clash of heroes from every faction and class of Arinar rages on, and we’re committed to making your adventures across the realm even more balanced!

Today, on April 1, we’re excited to announce an unscheduled rebalancing update that will unleash your combat prowess and redefine the way each class is meant to be played! This update is all about fine-tuning – from tweaking character skills, to overhauling the way you gain Experience, Knowledge, and Reputation, right down to the core combat mechanics.


Instant Leveling: A New Era in MMORPG

Our team believes that the traditional level grinding in MMORPGs is a thing of the past, so we’ve cranked up the speed and made things a whole lot easier! Say farewell to Reputation – get everything you need from Magister Avaris all for a grand total of zero!



With this tweak, you can now level up your character at once and enjoy every aspect of the game without ever feeling limited!

Overhauling the Core Mechanics
After in-depth research and numerous experiments, we concluded that ranged classes have long been at an unfair advantage in drawing double shots before a melee fighter could even swing.




So, we’re leveling the battlefield to provide equal opportunity – all attack types are history. Now it’s a fair game for everyone, with no attacks whatsoever, ensuring a square fight for every player!

The Ultimate Class Balance
We strive to maintain gameplay that is fair, enjoyable, and fresh for all. We’ve listened to your feedback and found that many of you are concerned about class balance. So we went back to the drawing board and realized that an excess of skills makes the game too confusing to enjoy!




It’s time to turn the tide and take decisive action – we’re removing all skills for all classes! Warspear Online is going back to basics, where every character stands on equal footing, and the gameplay is transparent for everyone.

Warriors, this update is set to change Warspear Online forever! Brace yourselves for amazing changes and an exciting journey into a brave new world of equality and endless opportunities!

See you on the battlefield – and a quick look at your calendar might be in order!


Happy April Fools’ Day!
The Warspear Online Team

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finaly the update we were waiting for, i hope u also increase books drop rate increase in dungeon to 50% chance, that is also needed

Happy easter :duc1ky: support, devs, mods and admin team

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wait the second i see an error here

wearing weapons and armors are passive skills too  so you wouldn't have equipped weapons and armors!!!!


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On 4/1/2024 at 1:03 AM, Dr Strange said:

Today, on April 1

I see :rolleyes:

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