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What to LVL (new skills, full mechanics, description)

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After lvling up to 22 - every warlock starts thinking about reskilling, 4 points to Fear, 4 to Stun. But... What else? How? Why? Let's answer from step to step.

First of all, some basic mechanics of Warspear Online:

All the damage from skills consists of some parameters:

Important about Sphere:
It says dmg is based on mana. It's based not on the maximum mana you have. Only on the currtent percentage of your mana. So if you have 50% of your max mana at the moment - skill dmg will be 50% less.
So the best usage ofc on full mana or nearly full, at the start of the fight.

strela.png - single target dmg, stable and nice.
Mana usage: 12/13/14/15/16
Cooldown: 7 sec.
Radius: 5 yards.
Basic damage: 24.
Dmg from char lvl: +2dmg/lvl.
Dmg from skill lvl: +24dmg/lvl.
Dmg from Phys/Mag damage: 108%/109%/110%/111%/112%.

How to calculate. For example, we have 14 lvl warlock with Arrow 4/5 and 233 magic dmg. Let's take 24 basic dmg. Plus 14lvl*2 (dmg from char lvl). Plus 24*4(4/5 lvl). Plus 233*1,11 (111% on lvl 4/5).
In total we have 24+28+96+258,63=406,63. Let's cut like game do -> 406. That's it. You can train on your warlock and i garantee - you will succeed.

sphere.png - more burst, not stable. Nice dmg tho.
Mana usage: 24/25/26/27/28
Cooldown: 21 sec.
Radius: 5 yards.
Basic damage: 56.
Dmg from char lvl: +2dmg/lvl.
Dmg from skill lvl: +14dmg/lvl.
Dmg from Phys/Mag damage: 130%/145%/160%/170%.

Calculations are the same, just numbers are different. For example: 22 lvl char with 4|4 Shpere and 380 magic dmg = 56+44+56(14*4)+380*1,7=802.
No doubt, damage from Sphere is huge, but... As for lvling it... From 3 to 4 it makes +14 dmg (from lvling) and the percentage is just 170% from 160%, only 10% more.
Here is the table of some lvling efficiency.

From 2 to 3 lvl Sphere's dmg increase is 307% from Arrow's. Arrow's cd is 3 times lower, but we need some burst (huge dmg) to get rivals down fast, so Sphere is ok while we have not less than 70% mana.
But from 3 to 4 lvl Sphere's dmg increase regarding Arrow's drops to 163-221%. While have still 3 times lesser cooldown - arrow will deal more dmg even used twice in a fights. After this you will have not much mana, so Sphere's dmg will be even less that Arrow's. That's it.

So, my choise is Arrow 4/5, Sphere 3/5. Good luck and make your own!)

This guide is a translation of my own guide on Russian forums: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=110381.0

Ty in advance. Thinking about translating some more of my guides. Edited by Gone offline
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Thanks for enlightening me with shadow sphere skill

Do you got any info about life exaust skill?


Don't have exact numbers just because didn't even want to calculate. As far as lvl boosts are low, started testing 3 months ago and was completely dissapointed. Lifesteal is about 50/55/60/65/70%, but the dmg is still low at any levels.  :(
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Okay thanks again! Does't seem worthy enought leveling it :/


and only get 2 minor heals outta 3 hits, unless you get critical lucky.

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Excellent guide really helpful...question for you though do you know the damage increase of bloody tribute per lvl and amount of mana that target loses per lv? Would be great if someone knows thanks ^^

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Really nice, If you could work on guides for different classes that you be awesome :good:

Edited by Pvphealerx
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Lol bro Gone Offline, you came back here to lead the way, awesome! :good:

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