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  1. 2013 ???? in my world 2014 year sir.... i need "time machine" to go year 2013 .. lol
  2. Cisadane

    New forum

    i no like this new tamplate and bacground :v
  3. Cisadane


    all android have same problem... slowmotion in game.
  4. i think you have a lag... cek conection ...
  5. Cisadane

    Rogue Skill

    me too have same problem... no one crit in jump. please fix it.
  6. Cisadane

    skill bug

    i have same problem.. no crit in jump skill... fix it please gm.
  7. Cisadane

    Acc blocked

    i like it hahahaha
  8. Warlock Active time of Dark Circle was increased, but the number of players which can get under it’s effect was limited and now depends on skill level. LIE. Active time was not increased, but effect is now limited. Not like other AoE stuns.
  9. Gm not support warlock again..
  10. can not trading account... this is ilegal.
  11. hahaha indo ngarepin nya gratisan mulu.... juskid bro.
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