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  1. too many pro elfs in us saphir im making rogue if anyone amp +10 lvl 13 axe pm me ingame ill pay high price im too lazy to amp
  2. I miss the good old days
  3. Yep if youre partner is ffun you will see it goes faster
  4. Love the detail of the video amazing good job zeus
  5. Really good but do an original drawing of a boss it must be yours even if you don't draw well.
  6. Is this false then, because i totally agree with you it is impossible...
  7. Like the drawing the weapons are dope but the head i think it it quite hard to distinguish detail in my opinion althought in general really good job keep it up
  8. wow nice pic although you could give more data about boss
  9. Only experiencing events in life will lead to you knowing your fate. I wish I had a funny wish to tell to you guys
  10. Bro your arguments are not subjective at all and I see that you play rogue in main char probably due to the way you speak but man I play different classes and no man rogue isn't shit, stop complaining and improve your character...
  11. I totally agree with the fact that nessah at one point was the best ranger on server but now? can't say nessah is the best, surely in the top but not best...
  12. Love the way you wrote the story good job
  13. I can't really help you with mage build since i don't play mage and i prefer a somebody hwo really knows how to play with mage class to tell you, but for the part of the server you can play US-SAPHIR it's main english server and there are nice people on there, if you need anything else ill be glad to help you pm in game or on forum. Good luck
  14. Nice work I also really like it
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