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[2014.04.22] In development: creating items - Craft

Guest LaOnza

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Am I the only one that thinks that the day Ayvondil releases questing will be imposible? More than a 1000 of players Level 18-20 Both recent high leveled people as well as those retired people waiting for it questing in the same area, Irselot will be deserted ( more like Caravan) and nobody will ever visit Astral lab again (unless they add new bosses to it[PLEASE DO]) No more lazy players around, servers will crash! I expect around 5000 People per server in Ayvondil on launch date.

As for me, I will buy on knowledge Elixir and do these 50 quests im holding, 50x20 = 1000 EXP, I do that 2.5 times and Im 21, after the chaos stops in Ayvondil, I will go by and well, you know, EXPLORE!

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It's true many ppl will start leaving game if GM dont add new bosses ,new classes ,more quest , new areas ,and specially increase lvl cap. If ur gonna make craft available we should be able to make better potions too combining them. PLAYERS ARE GETTING TIRED OF DOING SAME SHYT EVERYDAY!!!!!!!

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It's true many ppl will start leaving game if GM dont add new bosses ,new classes ,more quest , new areas ,and specially increase lvl cap. If ur gonna make craft available we should be able to make better potions too combining them. PLAYERS ARE GETTING TIRED OF DOING SAME SHYT EVERYDAY!!!!!!!




    I think we deserve the best things in the game .. why spend a lot of talk in the game and got straight fala.só see update that favors the game and the players?



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Some people own it,But you can see it in the craft (rare craft jobs)lvl 14 craft lvl


i wanna see look like!  :( :(


He means it look after you equip :) .
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Опубликованное фото


Hello everyone, it's Aigrind!



A lot of time has passed since our last “In development” post, where we were actually sharing some interesting stuff from the development team. And a lot of good things have happen since then: new dungeons and new skills were created; we participated in one of the most influential awards Best App Ever Awards in the “Best MMO game” section; our players army is growing bigger as our development team do, and it's really positive dynamic for our game!


While the part of our team was making the game better, the other one had developed new elements and abilities, including Craft. Yes, warriors, you're right, you will be able to craft some precious stuff very soon. What is Craft in our game? What does it depend on?


Main idea.


Craft in Warspear Online is an ability to create armor, weapon, potion or even earn some game currency. Trophies from monsters, useless equipment etc. - everything will be helpful. Now anyone can create a useful item (or maybe potion) without spending hours and hours in dungeon testing luck. However Dungeons will become a source of rare resources for Craft and additional income for those players, who like PvE. The most important thing here, yes, that you will be able to create the most powerful items with great bonuses via Craft process. It looks really cool, isn't it?


Our lead game designer Sergey Bortsov (you can actually meet him on our forum under Elluminacia nickname) is talking about Craft:


“The main point of Craft system is an alternative way to get items in our game. Now you can get them via killing bosses, but chances here are not that great, as you know, so players can spend a lot of time before getting the thing they want. Craft is supposed to solve this situation.


You will need some special resources to create some really cool items, these resources can't be get via Craft, you should find them in game (from powerful bosses i.e.) or as a reward for completing Dungeons. Don't worry, chances of getting these resources are higher, than chances for actual equipment. In other words, if you're playing the game with dedication you will be able to create good stuff without any problem.


Other case is possible, when you're buying the mentioned resources from the market and creating items after that. Besides creating you can also disassemble your equipment (if it's useless for you i.e.). Equipment can be disassembled to some regular resources and there's even a chance of getting Special resource. The higher level of disassembled equipment the more resources you get, it's pretty simple.”


What does Craft look like?


We want to give our players a possibility to progress not only by leveling a game character, but in some different way, as an Artisan. Every player can become a skillful craftsman, you can even become famous among the whole server, you will gain a lot of respect from fellow players and a lot of Craft requests. Our team also took into consideration all the players suggestions and propositions during creating the Craft concept.


As a result of hard negotiations our game designers decided not to follow their initial ideas regarding profession teachers, learning new recipes from the mentor and special place for Craft as it is made in many other MMORPGs. You can agree, that all this stuff is rather booooring: searching for some special NPC, learning new recipes and then staying for hours and watching the components creating process just to make a sword. That's why Craft in Warspear Online is always available anytime anywhere. All items are being created without your incessant attention.


Опубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фото


Eight professions are available (it depends on which type of item you want to craft):

  • Magic weapon (staffs)
  • Melee weapon (sword, axe, mace etc.)
  • Ranged weapon (bow, crossbow)
  • Cloth armor
  • Light armor
  • Heavy armor
  • Accessories (cape, amulet)
  • Alchemy (Potions, food, spheres etc)
Craft tab will be available as soon as you character reaches 10th level. As you can notice, every character can learn all the professions and develop them from 1st to 14th level. The higher profession level is, the higher item level will be. We don't want to limit you with two or three professions, you can get them all!


How to develop your profession?

To develop any profession you should complete different Crafting tasks and gain Crafting experience. You can see you progress as a bar next to profession level. It important to remember, that if you're doing Crafting task for “Cloth armor” profession you will receive experience points just for this profession.


Опубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фото


Every player can do as many Crafting tasks as active cells he has. At first everyone has just one cell, but you can acquire more of this cells after completing different in-game tasks.


Item creation and Crafting tasks


After choosing the profession you will see a list of available tasks. New tasks will be added as you will develop you profession getting higher level. So you will create different items by completing those tasks.


You will need Crafting license and some special set of resources to complete Crafting task.


Опубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фото


License is a mandatory item for task completion, with it you won't be able to accomplish the task, even if you have full set of resources and necessary level of profession.


Licenses have different types of quality. The lowest quality license give you a possibility to accomplish different tasks. Higher level licenses have different bonuses, such as Craft speed up or improvement of the result. There will be 4 types of license:


  • Beginner's Crafting license.
  • Disciple's Crafting license – increasing the amount of resources you get after completing Craft tasks.
  • Prentice's Crafting license – increasing the amount of experience points you get after completing Crafting tasks.
  • Master's Crafting license – increasing speed of the Craft tasks completion.

Beginner's Crafting license can be acquired from any merchant for gold. Higher quality licenses can be acquired from Miracle Shop or from Dealer.




You will need a certain set of resources to craft the item. You can get the resources either by killing monsters (as a trophy), or by creating them (after completing Craft tasks). Or you can buy them from Dealer.


There are two types of resources: general and special. General resources will be needed to craft different items within one profession, i.e. leather in “Light armor” profession, also they can be created by completing Crafting tasks. Special resources are essential for some special tasks, i.e. rare or unique items creation. Special resources can become a very valuable asset in the market, that's because you can get them by defeating a powerful boss or by disassembling rare items.




Disassembling is a kind of operation, which allows you to destroy an item (anything that can be equipped, except costumes) and get some resources. Amount of resources depends on the level, quality and type of this item.


Опубликованное фотоОпубликованное фото


In the end of our story we want to point out, that Craft is the last stage of global development of the long-awaited island. Yes, we are talking about Ayvondil. Craft will be available in the next update (very soon, just follow the announcements), you can try it out and share you thoughts about it with us. And we will continue to polish all the newest game additions – Dungeons, Expert skills and Craft. Now check the screenshots from Ayvondil territories out :)


Опубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фото


Got any questions? Ask them here and we will answer.


Good luck, see you in Arinar!





the first update for crafting i saw this is craft weapon and armor but,after updated it's only weapon craft.it will be availablle in next update or not ? and if only the winner tour can get the lvl20 armor and can't sell , this can upset the players and might make them stop playing out of desperation.maybe...

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So far Crafting failed.

-devs said crafting is there to stop the endless boss hunts.

now it even worse.you need certain party arrangement for catalyst drops

and you need a hell lot of catalysts. just take it mathematic:

sd staff costs 200k gold..you can make same staff for 18ethereal catalyst of wich every single one costs 85-100k gold...

besides that it will cost you like endless gold to reach the crafting lvl you could buy 9 sd staffs for that price of the catalyst xD

i mean wtf. and that catalyst drops more.rare than the weapon itself....me and my friends stopped crafting ond sec day after release. bullshit stuff

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people already sell the crafting lvl3 stafes for a fifth of production costs or less ;) onlything missing that you can loose your resourcesin every crafting step. then it will become a true warspear gameplay thing. just ridiciolous


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what items can be disassembled exactly? i can disassemble only my weapon, the useless items i get from swamp don't have that option and neither the rest of my equip.


Only weapons can be disassembled for now because armor crafting hasnt been released yet.

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