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  1. .l. Necromancer skill, i think Panic is another lol skill... Coz reseting is sure in pvp... if we don't attak enemy, how do we suppose to kill them??? I am sure Panic is gonna be worst skill
  2. its all coz elf expert skills are Demolishing and ever skill are perfect. Like: bd with shield, run and ham plus Heavy Armor :!, Priest with mana drain, elusive skill that wreck any mc and add run bonus, druid with new expert skill heal about 600+ to all elf with low hp, pala with banner still strong enough to hunt down the necro who loses 100+ HP during heal & shield, mages expert skill (eye) make more dmg and accurate, & ranger are always OP with blessing active KO hits... and what else is required to have fun... A druid and 2 bds can kill 5 mcs...
  3. thank god, some one started the topic.... Necros are supportive player, but they don't get support... And devs is focusing deep in elf or choosen rather than mc or forsaken... Priest heal is same as necro.. But they dnt loose HP.. Its hard to kill priest now, after all they got the power to escape with advantage on expert skill.. And necros expert skills are super flop!!!!! It just Sucksss!!!! Hope they fix this problem soon *z*
  4. :rofl: really AoA is the boss in EU-Emerald... :rofl:
  5. jesus!!!!! Need to change the guild now..... -_-
  6. ball lightning should v 5 dear frn. Coz its cooling time is low, ... I guess so, bt amplification and critic is also necessary.. :D
  7. once i used to hv 5bolt, 4heal, 1mountain def, 4blind, 3quake... But i bought oblivion and reset it. Now it is 5heal, 5bolt, 5blind.... Rest of em only 1 .. Hope u got it.. :D
  8. make +9 staff---- see the difference.... :D i hit rabbit 356... :D lol... Dnt knw abt other hit on animals.. Bt druid have high moon resistance.. :D lol..
  9. lol my shammy 5heal, 5blind, 5bolt... Other no change... Ur skill are so messed up.. Hope u are doing well without blind. Coz blind is the best skill for shamy... Without it, life is grimmmmmmm... :D :D
  10. 251 , with +5 staff, do astral increase with amplification??? If yes, i will put crystal on my +9 staff
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