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  1. this gay back - you dont need to back!! the game is fine without you xD-
  2. its not about +10, many ppl has +10 but only a lil bit ppl can use their +10 lol.
  3. i think if all rogues did it may can take down the flag?? i just wondering yes, too many fckin dramas here! thx for great epic videos bro!! loved it! yes bro. i agree funny when all elves talkin' shit for motivated all eleves to join war! this is way elves are OP!
  4. 1/4 + 5% dodge and 7% acuu 2/4 +6% didge and 8%acuu
  5. (US-Sapphire) For sure Sentinel will beat down Legion by 3-0 again
  6. hi, im a bd player. im agrre with you, but u should learn more abt bds skill bro. Rush : this skill do some stun by chance! its mean not all time this skill alwasy work! Sonic : this skill do muttiples dmg but the dmg will be reduces dependent how many enemy front of bd BD is strong not OP i think. and sorry for bad eng
  7. im agree with you.. all elf skills is OP
  8. yes, bro i know. but out there many ppl from out of US play US-server.
  9. to early for US server mods! i almost missed all wars
  10. Ulalaaaa..... my friends finally join..lets cheers to this.!!
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