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  1. I think this will require the addition of one more line in the screen to expert skill
  2. eror update on game eror update on playstore what hapend....?? what its cause my phone or server????
  3. :good: anyway what's the special state when we all reach 5k maliat elfs or maxs?
  4. just a little thought silly but hope this is understandable. ::) ::) please add more hair color and hairstyle. maybe the hair color for example black and white mix good. I think the haircut is still very much a haircut please add more ... I guess if you just rely on daily quests and guild tournaments for a long time certainly reach crinsom corandum to buy lvl 20 armor or costumes. I suggest to invent war in a place where it is up ... and on the war if the player kills another playrer will be cc 1 each kill. and such limited time only 1hr war alone. I guess if every kill another player without the limit will also be redundant. therefore limit any player can not suppose cc again when killing the same player. I hope the company aigrind not difficult to add to what I post. I think this will add to the attractiveness of the players to play Warspear online ... how do you say .....??? does anyone agree ...???
  5. yea i think must fix it. fire totem shaman only single target but palad area :aggressive:
  6. I think you make druid class is for support but its fail with new skill druid is not for support but for kiling all mc if you smart gm you ill do something to new skill for druid its to fail one skull have stun,agro,and pull,and one the area is to big >:D >:D :bomb: :snorlax: :wacko: :( :sorry: :sorry: :crazy:
  7. .....after I download from gogle play its happend ....... why its happend tell me gm >:D
  8. Fire Totem (Shaman) Shaman placing a totem that hits all enemies in its range. its not same with in skill description in skill description say just singgel target. >:D
  9. item dropped can take again. but it work only none item. how do you think about it??
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