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Which daily quests that gives minion scrolls and where to get those quests


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This is a small guide about which quests that gives minions and where those quests are located.


Nasty trolls


Location: Cold coast

Quest giver: Hudi

Minion reward: Summon Abyss Zealot x2


Rogues of maiden lake


Location: Fishermen village

Quest giver: Elder Beyn

Minion reward: Summon Cat Charmer x2


Leopard murderer


Location: Western caravan camp

Quest giver: Varakar

Minion reward: Summon Abyss Zealot x2


Griduar's breath


Location: Sanctuary of Spirits

Quest giver: Vitair

Minion reward: Summon Star Wayfarer  x1


Waters of immortaly


Location: Berengar's Stronghold

Quest giver: Graybeard

Minion reward: Summon Dead Huntsman x2


These are the legion quests i know which gives minion scrolls. Hope this guide can be helpfull to newbies. If you know any other quest for legion that gives minion scrolls,  write a reply about them. :-)

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could u make complete guide for elf quest?? its really helps if u do...minions come in handy for certain things


Sry, i can't. I have no idea what quests elfs do. I am 100% legion ;D  But they are usually daily boss quests.
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I am not certain about everything, but i think it is this for elves:


Gariel - blood reaper (whatever class this is)

Revived legionaries - ranger

Fire predator - bladedancer

Iffrit - priest

Fitch, ailment, crunch - ranger(?)

Omnimous wisps - bladedancer(?)


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Minions are nice for non-damage dealers when questing, for example ogres are faster killed with the ranger. Or non-healers in swamp can use the priest. But of course you guys are OP so don't need any little help :)

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5 hours ago, Dilo said:

could someone tell me where to find innas-deil  in the water of immortality quest?



Innas-Deil is supposed to be located beneath irselnort, very close to the Gates of the Six Shadows. You should find him on the top right corner of the area. Mind you, he will be surrounded by henchmen. 

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