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  1. You give me fear? I will not be #1 never? Oh well... why do u so worry about it? Why do u cry then? Should i share ss here how you earned 25k arena points with your ranger Nessah, 10k arena points with your mahe Pliskiin (Wirtsleg), more with your mc side chars?... sbould i cry like u here? Should i share ss likeu u pussy? Why do u care me then? Im noobiest ranger... whats wrong it with you? U werent my ex-gf. Whats ur pain then? Cause i ducked you hard? Did i make u pregnant? And u r gonna give ♥♥♥♥♥ twice? Whats the pain? Did not u beg me for i hack pvprange? Didnt u tell that u will kick pvprange after tourny end? U r chrisha = shemale version of eisha :) .. dont troll anyone...
  2. Can i contact with you? ( dont say send ticket ,please)
  3. Stop crying like pussy Stop acting like u r not guilty Stop trolling ppl http://t1309.hizliresim.com/1f/9/sgxqg.jpg http://t1309.hizliresim.com/1f/9/sgxqm.jpg
  4. One rule : dont talk about something if u dont know the truth
  5. its not terroristic attack. :facepalm: USA is biggest ship in map ;D
  6. Blueborn is lv 3 ranger now . :shok:
  7. I will forgive you when you tell truth even once
  8. I think you deleted your all toons include your ranger that Blueborn. But i got a pm from Blueborn about 9 days ago. It was you?
  9. u can tell u r ghey instead of telling not a girl.. it would be mor clearly
  10. you mean; you were dog of Chrisha ? :rofl:
  11. if they are all lame, why were you happy when i shared with u free items? and why did u want cheat with me so bad? b1tch pls...
  12. how many miracle coins will you give me if i report critical bug? ;D
  13. the best shaman is PATAHHATI ..... she was #1 . she is #1 . she will #1 4ever. RIP
  14. stop crying everywhere :facepalm: in PM in Trade Chat in World Chat in Guild Chat in Area Chat in Forum in Facebook in Twitter in Kontakte in skype in your room in ur school in toilet... just stop it!
  15. unfortunately, it does not support.
  16. dont blame him. cause its unnecessary item for now ;D
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