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  1. You give me fear? I will not be #1 never? Oh well... why do u so worry about it? Why do u cry then? Should i share ss here how you earned 25k arena points with your ranger Nessah, 10k arena points with your mahe Pliskiin (Wirtsleg), more with your mc side chars?... sbould i cry like u here? Should i share ss likeu u pussy? Why do u care me then? Im noobiest ranger... whats wrong it with you? U werent my ex-gf. Whats ur pain then? Cause i ducked you hard? Did i make u pregnant? And u r gonna give ♥♥♥♥♥ twice? Whats the pain? Did not u beg me for i hack pvprange? Didnt u tell that u will kick pvprange after tourny end? U r chrisha = shemale version of eisha :) .. dont troll anyone...
  2. Can i contact with you? ( dont say send ticket ,please)
  3. Stop crying like pussy Stop acting like u r not guilty Stop trolling ppl http://t1309.hizliresim.com/1f/9/sgxqg.jpg http://t1309.hizliresim.com/1f/9/sgxqm.jpg
  4. One rule : dont talk about something if u dont know the truth
  5. its not terroristic attack. :facepalm: USA is biggest ship in map ;D
  6. Blueborn is lv 3 ranger now . :shok:
  7. I will forgive you when you tell truth even once
  8. I think you deleted your all toons include your ranger that Blueborn. But i got a pm from Blueborn about 9 days ago. It was you?
  9. u can tell u r ghey instead of telling not a girl.. it would be mor clearly
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