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  1. Is this part of the update or why did I lose my miracle coins I HAD ALREADY SPENT!?
  2. For everyone wondering about 'quest not found'... Did you realize, that it leads to a place that has not been published yet? For that reason, there should be no quest at all, unless devs are expanding the area that is available
  3. There is a huge problem with my symbian, everytime I try to open chat, my phone freezes. Every single time. Freezes the WHOLE PHONE. Hard to get party at Joker. Using nokia 500 Belle, downloaded version from website.
  4. Vittu oot onnekas, ite sain [Velvet Beer [Gift]]
  5. Dealesis


    Viimene tehtävä ennen ku saa tehä legionin päivittäisiä. Mut viimenen keltanen tehtävä kartalla? Ei. Tulee vie sellane, et pitää kävellä takas alkuu ja jutella laivan kapteenille
  6. Se on nyt sitten virallista. Harmi, et Prt Sc myöhästy vähän :unknw:
  7. Addaa Dealesis, Necro lvl 19, kohta 20 ja guildin ainoo newbie :yahoo:
  8. Miks ihmiset yrittää scammaa kysymäl salasanoja et voi ostaa coinsseja? Eihä salista ees tarvii siihe :facepalm:
  9. Asiasta toiseen, voinko luovuttaa mun necro paikan quildissa, ja antaa sen mun toiselle charille? Käytän sitä toista enemmän ja se on parempi arenassa, kun mun necro on vähän epäonnistunut.
  10. If you are having problems while launching game, try this: Delete your warspear folder (E:/Data/Warspear), which I show in the pictures. It might be in different place in your devices, but for me it worked. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SETTINGS AND "REMEMBER PASSWORD", but you will be able to play.
  11. I am not sure where the problem is, but for me removing the folder worked, for some reason. Ps. Where have you installed your ws? There might be another folder hiding somewhere.
  12. I had same problem, fixed it by removing Warspear folder from my E: mass storage(E:/Data/warspear)
  13. :yahoo: Fixed now! Thanks! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. Paljo toi 15% darkness auttaa sua?
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