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  1. definitely not 10m more like 100m
  2. signs are available from the arena shop..... just buy the hp pots from the arena shop and sell back to the trader for gold. then buy your sign from market. easy isnt it?
  3. barge

    shamans queak

    i read it as squeak
  4. if you are playing without mcoins, then perseverance is the key to your success. by persevering through all the mundane quests, selling 30/40 quest items in market, doing free arena, doing free dungeons etc, only then are you able to have the initial gold for the real gold making in mass reselling. there are always some cheap deals popping out of trade/world chat and the market too if you try to observe carefully...
  5. to me, the introduction of op new skills has made arena matches shorter in duration than amping probably has. i mean, nowadays 2 average/high amped rogues/rangers can get u killed in 2 seconds with all those flashy new skills in a combo even if you are a properly geared tank. i remembering surviving those easier when expert skills were not introduced yet. like sulla said, nuke or be nuked. its like we are all glass cannons. anyway, i would agree to lower the damage (heals too) but the defense should remain, as that would mean a longer and more interesting match. off topic, it is possible to get +10 without mcoins.....
  6. i agree to increase the stack size. perhaps a size of 50 would be appropriate as the unity signs and paladin banners both have a stack size of 50 too.
  7. astral has been replaced by magic. please use the newer formula: Heal amount = [30+(heal lvl*6)] +[char lvl*(0.7)] +[magic*(1 if shaman, 1.04 if druid)*(0.14+(heal lvl*0.08 ))] be sure to use your item magic amount instead of summary screen amount if you are druid. thank you
  8. thanks for using a revive scroll on the thread xD. but you can try putting in your magic points into the formula to see if it works.
  9. interesting new layouts im wondering if we have to change our passwords as the hacker might have made a copy somewhere?
  10. which part of my post did it indicate that i did not read your post?
  11. i see topic starter is a non mcoin user yet he has achieved +10. not bad
  12. lallous yeah that would be useful. btw, did any of you guys noticed that sun seal had the same bugs as redemption? i was using this skill (just bought it ) and tried solo dungeon with it. died with a few hundred hp left on my hp bar which was wtf. anyway, considering that banner would have been maxed out at level 22, which skill would be preferable to add for level 24? thank you
  13. just letting developers know, sun seal has the same bug as redemption where can you die with positive hp. thats how i died in dungeon
  14. barge


    just wondering whats the aoe? 5x5?
  15. ok my symbian has just crashed at the stairs area previously it would work when the program restarts, now it always crashes even if i restarted 10 times. in other words the crashes caused to symbian is area related. the character is stuck in limbo please look into it, thanks
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