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Lol yeah it is! I remember that ive gotten that game with my ps1, think I was like 7years old :D another game I got with it was Rayman 2: The great escape. Wasn`t a fun game at the cave of bad dreams.. made me stop playing as a kid XD

Goddamned Roland! you trolled me >-

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who play assassins creed 3 XD? and who know Call of Duty: Ghost or Assassins creed 4: Blag flag?XD

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I was a huge fan of metroid, even the I only played the GBA versions of these( metroid zero mission and metroid fussion)

Never played the Primes of the xbox :/ However the first game I bought for the wii was Metroid other M.

In my opinion all metroid games are fantastic with good puzzles contained


Miinecraft is a fun game to live your imagination and killing un-used time (mainly solo)

If you play it with 2 or more people it can be fun by talking whilst playing the game!

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i love metroid....super hard/ is almost impossible to collect all item to complete 100%...many secrets,and also if u beat the game(less than 3 hours) u can see Samus using a bikini...hehe...i did in 2h39 minutes( u dont need 100%)....I also played metroid fusion and Prime 1 e 2..i need to take back my wii(my brother "stole") to play prime 3

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Super metroid ( snes ) was epic. However Wii generated some interesting game play from the metroid series.

Also took me a long time to realise that the main character was in fact female o.0


Minecraft is unique and so worth playing if you have the smallest amount of imagination ( however the bigger the better ) and if you have plenty of time to kill.

And yea... best played on Lan or single. I Personally found that the online play sucks.


Counterstrike is one of the best Lan/online FPS's out there and can be played on most systems. It is one of my top fav's for a first person shooter... that and Perfect dark, black and a few others.


Chrono trigger is one of the must play snes RPG classics. Great choice :)

Snes offers many great RPG titles that every role playing game fan must try.


Every zelda game is epic. Except that i took a disliking to Majora's mask, i couldnt stand the how they made everything so time sensitive.


All the Assassin's creed games has an excellent storyline and gameplay. I love playing them

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Check out youtube! best advice I got for getting the full 100%!

Or if your really determined to do it yourself then don`t (:

about the bikini...lol well, remember the shocking truth that Samus turned out to be a chick in one of the earlier games? think it was in Super mettoid :D

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Can`t remember mine on Fussion, think I had a 99 or 98% on zero mission, couldn`t reach the one above the glass tube at the link from space pirate ship-ancient (figured out to use a power-bomb 2years later xD


i didnt know about using power bomb there....my friend told me
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most scariest game i played is DEAD SPACE 1 and 2, i think 3 has been realesed gona play it soon ^^ i think this is the scariest horror game with amazing graphics and story line :blush:



Best horrer game? Silent hill series for sure.

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another game I absolutely love is Knights and Merchants: The shatterd kingdom.

It`s a old Pc game, basicly a Real-time strategy game where you build up your setting, build up your army and even your own recources(Stone,Trees-Lumber,grain,wine,coal,gold,iron)

It`s a amazing game for the 90`s Ive played this game for so long @[email protected]

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I love this war games: Battlefield and CoD

Battlefield 4 vs Call of Duty: Ghost? which game better ? :tease:



Battlefield 4 vs Call of Duty Ghosts Comparison - Singleplayer Graphics Side to Side

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Metroid other M

Transformers Armanda/whatever named

Pitfall 2 on ps2

Tai the tazmanian tiger

Monster hunter tri

>> freedom unite

>> portable 3rd

>> ultimate tri g

Patapon 1/2/3

Disgaea 2 dark hero days

Conduit 2


Man theres just SO much more i shouldve write but its too early now and my memory fails me.


Ive been gaming for past 10 years since i was 8.


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Ive played 3games out of your list, btw wasn`t it sly the tazmanian tiger? o:


Its Tai xd im sure its Tai the tasmanian tiger, youtube it.

You may be mistaking it with sly racoon games, oh which i played the 1st on ps2 xd


Im in thoughts of getting a ps3 and buying DMC and Sly racoon trilogy


And the legendary jak n daxter trilogy, even though i played all the games of it. so fukin epic

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Ive done my research! ^-^

Results: both wrong, its Ty the tazmanian tiger :D

havent played the first one tho, played part 2:bush rescue hehe


Maybe you should wait yuno! PS4 is coming out =p unless you wanna save money ofcourse ^^

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