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    That's ok, but the good key is always right to powerfull. It's way to make your self succes otw. And don't forget, believe to your self. If you don't believe, you will fall (not free fall). don't fear anything in the world. brave

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  1. http://imgur.com/HA7ATBc 1000 years before the nadir sard lived, there was one clan who known as Magmara. None of the creatures currently living beings nor know their race. They live around the volcano and stay under the ground at the volcano. They designed a fire-resistant armor to survive. Section helmets are the effects of fire that do not know how they make the armor. They believe the armor which survive was holded by their warlord. So, Nadir's Peoples called Volcano Warlord's Armor. They believe that the magnara clan is a fire elemental which like human-shape. However, once a massive earthquake had destroyed their residence and bury and sunk them. Nadir Sard people only find one of their armor and armor are used as research. They found magmara's name on the tombstones are located below the cave of the city nadir sard.
  2. This is not expert..this is base skill
  3. Never... u wanna make ur b.d to be OP?
  4. This is usefull..... 1. Unstopable darkcircl 2. Unstopable blind/fear 3. Unstopable Earthquake 4. Unstopable healing 5. Unstopable all skill
  5. not bug my son....u need repeat the descreption update
  6. Since barbarian have new skill ("Defeat"), anyone hve idea, what skill should i up? 1. Devensife Skill build? 2. Offensive skill build? 3. Balance skill build?
  7. really? lol the name skill is "defeat".....Defeat em all
  8. barber set is bug when double click them in m.c shop
  9. They will lost their money from him
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