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I managed to do a pentakill because the enemy team was all piled up with low HP in front of my team's base, so i ran them over with my Hell Cycle lol


The game is Marvel Super War (and yeah that's Ghost Rider)


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В 06.06.2013 в 15:28, Maleshaman сказал:

Lol yeah it is! I remember that ive gotten that game with my ps1, think I was like 7years old :D another game I got with it was Rayman 2: The great escape. Wasn`t a fun game at the cave of bad dreams.. made me stop playing as a kid XD

Goddamned Roland! you trolled me >-












p.s. at the moment, in my free time, I really like to play on the platform https://forestcasinos.co.nz/casino-cosmo/, there are very interesting mini-games.



Good day. The times of the PS1 prefix are legendary. I remember sticking to this console with friends in early childhood.

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