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This good skill setup for level 14 priest


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No it ain't good.



Go with the one of following.




Heal 5 Shield 5

if with high amped partner. Just heal/shield the ♥♥♥♥♥ till everyone dies.



Heal 5 Shield 3 Power Word 3

for you going against shamans and other ranged classes (Excluding ranger)



Heal 5 power word 3 armistice 3

you lose 5 shield but you win a bit of "freedom" against casters. Armistice to help keep it 1vs1 if your shit partner died.


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No no and no, for lvl14 we use 5heal,3shield 2arm,2tears

on lvl20 5heal,3shield,3tears,3arm,3word or 4tears and 2word,your choice

but one thing for sure, lvl3arm is way enaugh for alot of stuff

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