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  1. hello i found the solution i couldnt see the quest bcs of a daily blue quest I found it now thanks!!
  2. hello @Daria thanks for your reply i did complete all those quests i did thirst the first yellow quest at the second sector and after that the echoes and birders quest and now i dont get new quests how can i get them?
  3. I also did all the yellow quests except heroic rotten garden! but I still dont get them...
  4. Hello everyone, I need some help I completed all the dungeon quests in rotten garden with my lvl 18 druid (easy, normal and hard) but I dont get the yellow quests at termitary why is that?
  5. So i have a new email adress, and i want to change my old email in the game to my new one, how ca i do that? the change login button is missing %)
  6. Thanks for your replies I hope GM will do something with this and ill let them decide if they make it Leaderbords or Statistics( a Contest with leaderbords looks nice to me too )
  7. Hey everyone I've got a good idea aboout leaderbords maybe it would be nice to make a button in the game to see some statistics like how many enemies you've killed or how many qeusts you've completed or how much damage you did to bosses. Just something like arena rating:) I would really like this what do you guys think about it?
  8. Thanks for update GM hope we get new arena season fast
  9. why server offline without warning??? :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  10. Btw the only pro in NBK are delicious hand dockush:P
  11. Lol im on their kos list too... they said i was banned from pvpcaveXD Fortunatly they arent online all the time and I can kill them easy on 1v1(on some players i use pots) but guys like Anihalator(whose fault IT is) are easy to kill.. I shouldnt Be worried top much about their management problems if they in pvpcave juist avoid The cave for a while;)
  12. Go elfs and play on our side:D
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    19 November
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