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  1. YES! red suit will be good it should be added plz Dev :give_rose:
  2. arshiz

    Blocking relic

    if they will making rules like this, then everyone afraid to touching each other :lol: And READ This http://warspear-online.com/en/rules/community
  3. arshiz

    Blocking relic

    lol why always crying ppl in elf side :lol: when try to stop them from CL they post in forum when a mc kill a elf at kota they post in forum that mc noob, when they lose in arena they post in forum that class weak or mc op in support almost many elf post that account hacked so it show that in elf side almost all kids
  4. heLLO DEV I LOST MY JOKER CARD AFTER EU server on.. cant find in my bag.. WHY? :(
  5. from longtime server off, its maintenance or new map update :blush: ..? plz Dev say YES ITS map UPDATE :yahoo: ? :(
  6. good idea if Luck we got things in cheap and also good fr devs ;D
  7. yeah thanks i send mgs to support about this problem hope they reply soon, its really hunrt when money reduse and mcoin not got
  8. ?? plz dev help whats wrong? and i got 2 message in mobile that *BOI*star Sandesh* Rs 48 has been Debited to your account from POS-ROBOKASSA on 23-10-2013 BuT 0 mcoin Got plz help
  9. why dev i buy 100 mcoin x2 times by mastercard via Robokassa for 25RUR bt mcoin not got and money reduse from my bank wallet, i was try first time via Robokassa !!!! why plz help
  10. Thanks Sir snorlex bt Still not Got any personal Gift :search:
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