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  1. well I am also a guy, I have 3 male chars, and a female priest. I like female priest because female healers are cool. And to be quite frank, if I am going to be playing a game a lot, I rather look at a girl than guy. that's just me :clapping:
  2. I hope so, even prob won't get one, pvprange will get, he just loves to spam the arena button.
  3. So arena minions? heal minions? catch minions? buy minions? minions gear? minions amplification?
  4. I wonder whether spendind moneybon minions will be worth it, b/c on other games is not, plus what about minions on arena?
  5. Congratulations, you sure hit the jackpot this time, with some scrolls and pots. *sarcastic voice*
  6. Dislike as well, or even worse when I walk in a big ravva portal and come out in same map. :facepalm:
  7. Will these arena costume ever be redistributed again?
  8. Bid gold, that would be cool, hard to trust players these these days, the fight moderator justs dcs after you win match, and never get gold back :wacko:
  9. I have a priest and I found best set is arena weapon and 18 armor, then again its also about the money, I won't beat any lvl 20 with +10 all gear, no matter what set I use :aggressive:
  10. Yeah, I did 5 heal 4shield and 2tears, personaly works pretty good
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