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  1. theres should be cl days like weekends and war every weekdays
  2. scammers should be punish if theres evindence they should ban or ip ban
  3. me too need skill build at lvl 14 is 4 heal 4 blind 3 quake good?
  4. can you help me im using pc and stuck at the update process stuck at 64kb try reinstalled and still stuck there 64kb can anyone help me i waited 30-40 mins but nothing happen
  5. frozzone


    atleast make the stairs albeit wider? Is that hard to do?
  6. they even ganked questors damn mc
  7. hey guys what skills should up first at lvl 6 and lvl 10 for arena? Thanks
  8. .hey guys can anyone help me on how im gonna make the game on fullscreen cause its just small square screen cant make it full. Im using windows 8. Hope you guys help me. .
  9. got the same msg 3 times now but i just ignored it probably bug
  10. 1st. Heal 2nd. Sheild 3rd. The energy drain thingy farm and pvp arena i think
  11. 1.ranger and warlock, 2. Rogue and bd
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