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  1. Been 6 months and nothing has changed?
  2. "Goats likes to climb stuff lol" take the sentence out and the goat must be lesbian
  3. I thought he wouldn't do this to me :'(
  4. Phineas and Ferb :facepalm: Stupid song
  5. \Oh my bad, I didn't understand... kinda tired
  6. still I mean what boss you want to do lol
  7. recruiting levels 4-8, the reason why is because I wanna get players to level up with other guildies besides having the trouble asking a higher level in guild for help so if anyone wants to join with a level 4-8 forsaken on US Sapphire please pm Demeonthie
  8. Ladygi if you go on elf and look for Blackmonky on mc, Go after :spiteful:
  9. Worst sunburn I had in years
  10. Wedding Dress, I look pretty in it (also got daily items
  11. :aggressive: Hmm I think I see struggle in a Jedi Master, join the dark side why don't you 8)
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